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Our mission is to provide professionals with the best production tools in the market. Our brands reach the highest standards of quality and safety.

"A realized dream for the three of us is providing innovative solutions for film professionals around the world. We are all very passionate about the film industry and everyday we are thankful to provide only the best solutions to the market."  

"Thank you for your interest in our products."  - (Justin Goff)


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We are right off of I-85 in the North Eastern area of Atlanta Georgia, which is a straight shot coming to or from downtown Atlanta. Right down the street from us there are four near by Studios as seen on the below map. 

Innocinema Showroom

Atlanta Map

Our Story...

Justin Goff founded Innocinema in 2010.  It is currently the only global reseller of ActionProducts, maker of ActionCam, the first modular stabilizer system on the planet.  Other world-renowned brands are carried, including Anton Bauer, OConnor,  BarTech Engineering, PLC Electronics, NILA, Bright Tangerine, and over 30 more.   Calling with a customer inquiry, you’d most likely end up talking to Justin himself.  

“We’ll never have an automated phone service where you have to go through tons of options to get answers to your questions.  No one wants to listen to that mess. At the most you will have to select one option to always speak to a live person or myself within seconds.  That’s just one of the things Innocinema does, and will always do, to put customers first.  This is a family business, and providing the highest quality products and service is top priority”.  - (Justin Goff)