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Award winning DaVinci color correction software for use with third party panels.

Professional non-linear editing with Hollywood's most powerful color corrector!

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 combines professional non-linear video editing with the world’s most advanced color corrector so now you can edit, color correct, finish and deliver all from one system! DaVinci Resolve is completely scalable and resolution independent so it can be used on set, in a small studio or integrated into the largest Hollywood production pipeline! From creative editing and multi camera television production to high end finishing and color correction, only DaVinci Resolve features the creative tools, compatibility, speed and legendary image quality you need to manage your entire workflow, which is why it is the number one solution used on Hollywood feature films.

What’s New in DaVinci Resolve 12.5

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 is a massive update with over 1,000 enhancements and 250 new features that give editors and colorists dozens of new editing and trimming tools, incredible new media management and organization functions, new retiming effects, enhanced keyframe controls, on-screen text editing, new ResolveFX plug-ins and much more! The re-designed node editor is easier and more intuitive to use, there are new HDR grading tools, vastly improved noise reduction, lens distortion correction, a completely redesigned Deliver page for outputting projects and a new Fusion Connect command for round tripping visual effects shots between DaVinci Resolve and Fusion!

The world’s most advanced color grading tools

DaVinci color correctors have been the standard in post production since 1984. There are thousands of colorists worldwide who understand the performance, quality and workflow of DaVinci. DaVinci Resolve features unlimited grading with the creative tools colorists need and incredible multi GPU real time performance. That’s why DaVinci is the name behind more feature films, commercials, television productions, documentaries and music videos than any other grading system!

Professional editing from rough cut to finished edit!

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 includes sophisticated professional editing tools designed to handle a wide range of projects from scripted prime time dramas to fast paced stylized commercials and even multi camera productions. Editing tools are context sensitive, which means that DaVinci Resolve automatically knows how you want to trim based on the position of the mouse so you don’t have to waste time switching tools! You also get customizable keyboard shortcuts so you can edit quickly and move between applications with ease. Now with virtually every imaginable editing and trimming tool available, it’s easier than ever for editors to switch to DaVinci Resolve!

Scalable power and real time performance

DaVinci Resolve is scalable and supports multiple GPUs all working together as found in the new MacPro, as well as the latest Windows and Linux computers. You get support for up to 8 GPUs so that you can build dedicated systems that are super fast and deliver blazing real time performance. You can even offload output and rendering tasks to other Resolve systems on your network using the remote rendering tools. That’s important when you are working on high pressure projects that you need to deliver fast! Whether you are working in your own post production suite or grading the next Hollywood blockbuster, workstations running DaVinci Resolve can be super charged to keep up with you and your clients!

Work faster with absolute control!

When you have a client looking over your shoulder you need to work fast. The DaVinci Resolve control surface lets you adjust multiple parameters simultaneously, making grading faster. The control surface features dedicated buttons, knobs and perfectly weighted trackballs that give you the subtle control you need for creating the most amazing looks! You get 32 soft knobs with automatic LCD labels so you’ll never have to page through multiple menus to find common adjustments. Save and recall grades to memory, load gallery stills and more at the push of a button while you keep grading at full speed!

Ensure complex jobs are well organized

Managing media is a critical part of every project and DaVinci Resolve has powerful media management tools specifically designed for editorial and color workflows. You can easily move, copy, consolidate, relink, and archive media, timelines or entire projects. The Clone tool can be used to back up camera original files to multiple destinations with checksum verification while you’re still on set! When it comes to metadata, you can import and export from CSV files, create custom metadata views, and automate bin contents, clip names and more! DaVinci Resolve also has incredible sound sync tools that make it fast and easy to prep footage for editing and color correction.

Finish and deliver to virtually any format!

Whether you’re creating a master for TV release, a digital cinema package for theatrical distribution or finishing for delivery over the internet, DaVinci Resolve includes powerful delivery options for versioning, finishing and delivery at any resolution. You can export your media in a variety of formats with optional burn-ins, output EXR or DPX files for visual effects work and uncompressed 10 bit or ProRes files for editing in applications like Final Cut Pro X. Exporting can take advantage of remote rendering, using another Resolve on the network to render the job. DaVinci Resolve works from your camera originals so you always get the highest quality output. That means your finished master is a first generation graded copy of the original camera RAW files!

Unique YRGB 32 bit float processing

DaVinci’s high quality image processing is so revolutionary it won an Emmy™ award for contributions to the television industry! All image processing is at the deepest 32 bit floating point and DaVinci Resolve uses a unique YRGB color space for grading. This allows you to adjust the luminance gain of your video without rebalancing the color of your whites, mids, or blacks. That means you won’t have to chase the correction you’re aiming for! 32 bit processing combined with YRGB color science gives you a dramatically wider color correction range, so you can generate looks that other systems simply cannot match!

End to End Color Management

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 simplifies the color management of multiple clips with different color spaces, allowing you to define individual source, timeline and output color spaces with incredible speed and accuracy. It also features the industry’s most advanced HDR (high dynamic range) tools. Now you have a complete end to end color managed pipeline that can use DaVinci Resolve’s own color management or ACES 1.0 (Academy Color Encoding Specification) for high end digital cinema workflows.

The world’s most compatible post production solution!

Exchange projects with your favorite NLE software, send clips to VFX and motion graphics, and export projects directly to ProTools for professional mixing and sound design! DaVinci Resolve can share sequences and round trip projects with Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer, Premiere Pro and more! That means you can edit your project on any system, then using XML, AAF or EDL’s, you can link back to your full quality camera RAW files and finish in greater bit depth with DaVinci Resolve. You can also use AAF export to send a project to ProTools with discreet audio clips and a single layer video mix down for audio finishing. DaVinci Resolve lets you work with and integrates with dozens of other software tools so you can focus on getting your job done.

Creative Workflow

DaVinci Resolve’s powerful professional non-linear editing and world class color correction tools, along with advanced media management and live on set tools, make it perfect to use as the hub of your entire creative workflow! Each page in DaVinci Resolve is logically organized into work areas for each stage in the post production workflow.

Grading Live On Set

Now post production can begin during production! Cinematographers and colorists on set can use Resolve Live to grade real time video direct from the camera. You get the full creative power of primaries, secondaries, power windows and more! Resolve Live can help you confirm lighting and camera angles on set and lets you save looks that can be applied to you camera RAW files during grading. That means you save time in production and in post because you can see exactly how your shots are going to look when finished!

Feature Film and Post Production

When you have the world’s most demanding clients you need to be able to work quickly and handle any challenge they present you with! Only DaVinci Resolve has the image quality, scalable power, performance and incredible award winning control panel that can keep up with you when clients are in the room working with you. DaVinci Resolve handles more native camera files and video formats than any other real time system, that means you can edit and grade virtually any type of footage in real time! That’s why DaVinci Resolve has been used on more high end feature films, television commercials, music videos and episodic productions than any other system!

Collaborative Editing and Grading

Now you can have an editor and multiple colorists working on the same timeline simultaneously! DaVinci Resolve lets an editor and multiple colorists on different workstations share the same timeline and work in tandem as they complete shots. A colorist could be pulling a key or tracking windows while another colorist fine tunes grades that are immediately updated as the editor edits. The DaVinci Resolve collaborative workflow lets your creative team break down a large job into parts they can each work on separately!

Editing and Grading for Photographers

If you’re a photographer turned cinematographer shooting video with your DSLR or a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, DaVinci Resolve has new RAW image and color grading controls that are familiar to photographers. Now you can adjust images quickly and precisely or even use a color chart to automatically balance your footage! You get the highest possible quality editing and grading because you're working from your camera original files without conversion! DaVinci Resolve solves the single frame limitations of photo enhancement systems and gives photographers advanced real time editing and color correction features that are quick to learn and easy to use.

Remote Grading

The unique remote grading features of DaVinci Resolve mean that clients can choose their favorite colorist for the job, no matter where they are in the world! Using a regular internet connection, a colorist on one side of the world can remotely control and grade on another system containing the same media. With remote grading, a colorist in London or LA can collaborate and show his work to a Director in New York, Tokyo or anywhere else at full quality, all in real time!

Multi Camera Productions

Multi camera productions like situation comedies, reality TV and soap operas have a unique and fast pace workflow that require multiple source cameras to playback simultaneously so the editor can cut on the fly. DaVinci Resolve makes it easy to sync multiple cameras manually using marked points or automatically using timecode or audio waveforms. You can then switch cameras just as if it is being cut live with the added benefit of being able to go back and refine the cut with b-roll, alternate takes from a dress rehearsal or intercut with other multi-cam timelines!

Episodic Television

Episodic television schedules are some of the fastest and most gruelling in the industry. Imagine having to grade over 900 shots for a show every day! DaVinci Resolve’s compatibility with editing systems lets colorists start grading before the final edit is complete. Every time changes are made in editorial they can be sent to DaVinci Resolve and the timeline will update automatically. Colorists don’t have to rebuild the project every time the edit changes. That means you can work right up to the on air deadline and deliver the final master as soon as you have completed your grade!

Supporting Freelance Editors

DaVinci Resolve makes creating files and round tripping projects with editorial faster and easier than ever! Manage media, sync audio and convert high resolution RAW footage into ProRes or DNxHD proxy files for use in Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer or Premiere Pro CC. The advanced media management tools in DaVinci Resolve can track the relationship between proxies and your original footage for finishing. After editing DaVinci Resolve will automatically reconnect the edited sequence to the original camera RAW files. Now you can finish your project at the highest possible quality using the extended dynamic range and advanced controls in DaVinci Resolve.

Breathtaking Color

Invented in partnership with Hollywood studios, DaVinci has been the standard in post production for over 30 years. DaVinci Resolve is the real time grading system that’s been used worldwide on more feature films, episodic television productions, commercials, independent films and music videos than any other. DaVinci color correction is the difference that makes high end work so breathtaking!

Unlimited Grades

DaVinci Resolve uses node based processing where each node can have color correction, power windows and effects. Nodes are similar to layers, but more powerful because you can join unlimited nodes sequentially or in parallel. That means you can combine grades, effects, mixers, keys and even plug-ins in any order to create limitless color effects and unique looks. If things get too crowded you can collapse multiple nodes into a single compound node then save it to your Gallery as a “look” to be used on other scenes!

Grading from RAW Files

Cinematographers will love the camera RAW palette in DaVinci Resolve 12. You get high quality de-bayer with highlight recovery, white balance, color space and gamma controls, along with adjustments for fine tuning exposure, color temperature, tint, sharpness and more so that you have virtually unlimited creative control over RAW images. Now you can take advantage of the full wide dynamic range of RAW images and pull the maximum detail out of the highlights, shadows, and mid tones in real time!

Enhanced Node Editor

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 introduces major enhancements to the node editor so now it’s possible to quickly navigate between nodes, swap nodes, select multiple nodes with a lasso, copy node contents, extract nodes, use embedded alpha channels in mattes and more. When dragging a saved grade from the gallery, customers now have the option to drag the grade in as a single compound node, or as a fully expanded node tree. These changes allow professional colorists to work even faster, while also making it more intuitive for video editors that are learning how to use Resolve’s massive set of color correction tools for the first time.

HDR Grading

High dynamic range production is a new deliverable format for feature film and Ultra HD television production because it dramatically improves quality with its massive color gamut and incredibly wide contrast ratio. HDR footage looks more vivid and realistic than ever before! The grading tools in DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio can now work in an extended dynamic range especially designed for HDR deliverables such as HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Plus, HDR footage can be cached in visually lossless formats such as ProRes 4444 XQ and DNxHR, which are far more efficient than uncompressed 16-bit float files!

Powerful Primaries

Great color correction starts with a well balanced image. Get perfect looking images with the world’s most powerful primary color corrector for setting lift, gamma and gain with the control and precision of DaVinci’s unique YRGB color space and ACES 1.0 digital cinema standard. Primary controls include temperature, tint, shadows, mid tones and highlight log controls with offset.

Precision Secondaries

Target specific colors or areas of the image with DaVinci’s precision secondary color correctors. Precise HSL, RGB color and LUM qualification lets you target specific areas of the image. With the advanced 3D keyer in DaVinci Resolve, you simply drag over an area to instantly pull a clean key and isolate areas in a shot. For the most complex grades, the enhanced Matte Finesse controls ensure everything blends seamlessly.

Automatic Color Match

Whether your footage was shot on film, video or is RAW, DaVinci Resolve’s Color Match can automatically give you a primary base grade by analyzing shots containing standard color charts! Color Match lets you set the source gamma, target gamma and target color space for the chart used in your shot. Simply use the chip grid to identify the color chip chart and Resolve will automatically balance the shots, even if they were shot on different cameras, under different lighting conditions and with different color temperatures!

Automatic Shot Matching

DaVinci Resolve features powerful new shot matching tools to help you get started with creative grading faster than ever before. Simply select similar clips, like shots from different angles of the same scene, and DaVinci Resolve will analyze the image and color data to give you balanced images that match across each of the shots. From there, you can begin to customize each individual clip and start the creative grading process.

Power Windows™

Invented by DaVinci, Power Windows revolutionized grading by letting you isolate specific areas in the image. You can create an unlimited number of Power Windows using circular, linear, gradient and PowerCurve shapes and then combine them using matte and mask controls. With DaVinci Resolve 12.5 you can now edit multiple control points in PowerCurve windows simultaneously! Windows can automatically follow objects in the image using Resolve’s built in multi point and new single point tracker!

Image Stabilization and 3D Tracking

DaVinci Resolve includes the world’s most powerful 3D tracker for locking Power Windows™ to on screen objects with highly accurate perspective matching. Tracking is automatic so you don’t have to waste time generating keyframes. You can also use the tracker to stabilize images and clean up shots that would otherwise be unusable!

Optical Quality Reframing

When you need to reframe a shot, it’s vital that you don’t lose image quality. DaVinci Resolve includes optical quality sub pixel processing so when you reframe, zoom or even rotate a shot, quality is retained. This lets you fix shots in full quality.

RGB Mixing

For extreme looks and innovative creative styles, DaVinci Resolve supports RGB mixer grading to control individual red, green and blue gain for each color channel, blend and mix channels. You can even swap inputs for extreme effects or make sections of your image monochrome.

Unique YRGB Color Space

All image processing within DaVinci Resolve is GPU based at the deepest 32 bit floating point quality and with YRGB color space. Deeper bit depths combined with YRGB control mean you get dramatically wider color correction range and can generate “looks” that simple NLE color correction cannot match. DaVinci’s YRGB processing means you can adjust the luminance gain without rebalancing the color of your whites, mids or blacks, so you’re not chasing the correction you’re aiming for!

ACES 1.0 Motion Picture Color Standard

DaVinci Resolve improves upon DaVinci’s legendary advanced color science by adding support for DaVinci’s own color management system as well as the ACES 1.0 linear color space standard. That means you get the easiest way to produce predictable and consistent color results, especially when working in larger facilities with managed pipelines.

Custom Curves™ and Soft Clip

When you’re after subtle control, Custom Curves™ let you define a specific curve using Bezier handles for your corrections. Then add DaVinci’s unique high and low soft clip processing with high and low softness for that magical ‘look’. These can be ganged for all channels or set per channel. Custom Curves™ also support YSFX luminance and saturation effects.

HSL Curve Grading

Curve grading is a very popular grading method and lets you adjust hue, saturation or luminance on a curve graph with a workflow that’s similar to grading with popular photo editing software. You can pick colors from the image and even use bezier handles for precise curve control.


In addition to DaVinci Resolve’s amazing built in gaussian blurs, sharpen and mist features, DaVinci Resolve 12.5 introduces all new ResolveFX plug-ins! ResolveFX are native GPU and CPU accelerated effects that include things such as color and gamma space transformations, along with effects such as, light rays, emboss, dent, vortex, mirrors, gaussian and other blurs, glows, ripples and more! The DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio version also includes the advanced Resolve FX film grain, lens blur and lens flare!

Real Time Noise Reduction

If you upgrade to DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio you get incredible GPU accelerated spatial and temporal noise reduction. The spatial noise reduction uses a superior multi GPU accelerated algorithm to reduce noise while retaining incredible detail! When combined with the enhanced temporal noise reduction controls, which now allow you to analyze a broader range of frames, you get the world’s best noise reduction toolset!

Open FX Plug-ins

DaVinci Resolve also supports OpenFX plug-ins on both the editing timeline and within color nodes so you get almost limitless creative options! Work with third party plug-ins from developers like Red Giant™, Sapphire™, Boris™ and more. DaVinci Resolve uses full 32 bit float GPU based image processing so you’ll always get the best looking results as fast as possible, even when using third partyOpenFX plug-ins!

Gallery Stills and Grades

When you’re grading it’s important to keep stills from earlier in the job or even other projects so you can compare shots to keep your grades consistent. DaVinci Resolve’s Gallery lets you quickly save and share stills and also copy color gradesfrom your work. Primary and secondary grades, as well as complex compound nodes, can be copied to individual clips, to all clips from the same reel, or to any selected group of clips.

Advanced Control Panel

To get the full DaVinci Resolve experience and to accelerate your workflow, use the award winning DaVinci control panel. You can make multiple adjustments simultaneously and use dozens of soft keys and knobs so that you’ll never have to mouse through multiple menus looking for common adjustments again! The DaVinci control panel lets you work fast, which is especially important when you’re on a deadline and collaborating with a client in your suite!

Real Time 3D Stereoscopic Grading and Editing

When you are working on a 3D stereoscopic project it’s important to be able to match the grade on both eyes and bring everything into perfect alignment! DaVinci Resolve will edit, grade and display 3D stereoscopic timelines in real time. You can perform side by side, line by line, checkerboard and anaglyph comparison between eyes and use automatic 3D alignment tools to remove slight color or image alignment errors between cameras on 3D rigs. Adjust convergence pan, tilt and zoom and immediately see the results. You can even begin with a 2D timeline and copy all the grades to the other eye ready for trimming.

Move Grades Between Systems

DaVinci Resolve can grade and finish projects that were started in Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro CC and more! DaVinci Resolve also supports ASC color decision lists including full slope, offset, power and saturation metadata. As all CDL events are synchronized with EDL events you can import basic grading decisions made on other systems for final grading and delivery from within Resolve. DaVinci Resolve is more compatible with popular editing and grading systems than any other solution.

Editor Friendly Interface

DaVinci Resolve has a familiar, editor friendly interface with that features virtually every imaginable editing and trimming tool available! You can trim and finish projects started in professional editing software like Final Cut Pro X, or you can start editing a project from scratch in the Resolve timeline. Whether you like to use the mouse for drag and drop editing or prefer the precision of editing on your keyboard, DaVinci Resolve is easy to learn and features all of the timeline tools professional editors need to work creatively and fast!

Comprehensive Editing Tools

You get full multi track support with fast and familiar editing tools. There are keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons to mark edit points, insert tracks, delete clips and more. You can also simply drop your clips directly into the timeline or drag clips to the edit pop up in the program viewer to quickly perform insert, overwrite, replace, fit to fill, superimpose, and now, with DaVinci Resolve 12.5, new ripple overwrite and append at end edits. You can also swap and shuffle edits, extend heads or tails, or use the new combined edit and trim commands for even faster editing!

Context Sensitive Trimming

Quickly fine tune your edit using Resolve’s innovative context sensitive tools! Depending on where you place the cursor, you can ripple, roll, slip, slide, extend or shorten edits without changing tools. That means you can spend more time fine tuning edits instead of switching tools! You can even trim, slip or slide multiple shots on the same track simultaneously either in the same direction or asymmetrically.

Multi-cam Editing

Multi-camera editing lets editors quickly cut programs while playing back multiple sources in real time. You can synchronize camera angles based on timecode, in/out points or even automatically based on audio waveforms! The source monitor displays a grid containing the camera angles and plays them all back in sync while the you make your cuts to the audio and/or video. DaVinci Resolve 12.5 now automatically places different clips shot with the same camera onto the same angle when creating multiclips! Once you are done with your first cut you can go back and switch to a different camera angle, change audio tracks or trim clips using any of Resolve’s powerful trimming tools.

Multi layer Timeline

DaVinci Resolve uses a multi track timeline so you can layer titles, motion graphics and blue screen or green screen shots over background video tracks. You can add notes to entire segments or a specific frame in the timeline using color coded flags and markers. Clip colors can be customized, timelines can even be nested, edited together and expanded or collapsed in place to greatly simplify editing of large multi scene projects.

Mixed Format Timeline

Mix and match different formats and resolution media in the timeline all at the same time with real time sizing and playback. You can edit wide dynamic range camera RAW files or one of many camera or file codecs without having to worry about wasting time ingesting or transcoding footage or losing quality while making proxies. That’s because DaVinci Resolve will de-bayer and process everything in real time, regardless of the native format!

Creative Transitions

You get multiple built in real time transitions including cross and additive dissolves, wipes, dip to color, and more. Transitions can be aligned on the center of the edit, or at the start or end of the edit. You can even adjust transition duration dynamically and set ease in and out as you need. Transitions from FCP X and other editing software come in via imported XML and AAF’s and you can even use your favorite OpenFX plug-in for those extra special transitions between clips or tracks.

Optical Quality Re-Framing

Colorists know that DaVinci Resolve has the highest quality reframing and resize tools in the industry. Now editors can reframe shots directly in the edit page and take advantage of the amazing optical quality sub pixel image processing in real time! 4K images look incredible when resized to HD and you can even reformat older standard definition footage for your HD and 4K projects!

Optical Flow Retiming 

Changing speeds can cause undesirable artifacts like stepping shots on slow downs due to “missing frames” or that jump frame you see on speed ups. DaVinci Resolve features nearest, frame blend and a superb “Optical Flow” image processing engine that uses advanced algorithms to create in between frames in real time! That means you can always select the smoothest, highest quality retimed clips whether you create slow and fast motion speed changes and it’s all in real time.

Custom Titles 

DaVinci Resolve includes rich title tools for creating lower thirds, scrolling text and title cards with drop shadows, backgrounds, borders and more! You can type your text right on screen, set your text position, tracking and line spacing, or adjust the stroke color and opacity to create professional looking titles. There are composite modes, title transforms, cropping tools and you can even import titles from other NLE’s. Now you can add high quality anti aliased titles to your project that look great in every resolution, even 4K!

OpenFX Plug-Ins

Expand your creative toolset with a huge variety of 3rd party plug-in transitions for even more creative options! Plug-ins can be adjusted directly in the DaVinci Resolve editing timeline making it easy to create truly stunning and unique looks for your images!

Keyframe Control

DaVinci Resolve’s advanced keyframe editor is integrated into the timeline so you can see your keyframe positions directly under each clip in context with your program! DaVinci Resolve 12.5 adds enhanced controls for selecting, copying, pasting and moving multiple keyframes at a time. Plus, there are new visual controls for selecting or adding keyframes, along with a pop up menu for selecting which parameter curves you want to edit!

Motion Paths

For the easiest way to animate the position, rotation or scale of titles, graphics and video layers, you can use the intuitive motion path controls in the Timeline Viewer. The exact path is displayed in the viewer so you can quickly drag on any keyframe to reposition it on screen. You can now create the precise motion you want with smooth Bezier controlled curves for natural looking animations.

Audio Editing and Mixing

No matter if your audio files are Mono, Stereo, 5.1 or more, DaVinci Resolve 12 has a high performance audio engine that lets you quickly mix your audio with full level control and fade handles for each clip directly in the timeline. You get smooth forward and reverse playback with tape-style slow motion scrubbing, a built in mixer that can record level adjustments to automate the mix and support for 3rd party VST or Audio Unit Plugins. You can even collaborate with professional sound designers by exporting projects directly to ProTools via AAF for audio finishing.

Combined Audio Waveforms and Video

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 introduces an entirely new way to navigate clips using audio waveforms. The source viewer features a revolutionary audio waveform overlay that allows you to see the audio waveform and video clip at the same time. This is the fastest way to navigate to different parts of a clip based on spikes, silent areas or other visual cues in the audio waveform.

Re-Timing Effects

With separate curves for both speed keyframe position and playback speed, DaVinci Resolve 12.5 gives you intuitive new controls for retiming and speed ramping. This allows any frame to be moved to any point in time, while also allowing variable speed changes between any range of frames. These powerful new controls make it easier than ever to create more unique retiming effects!

Collaborate With Other Editors

You can edit directly in DaVinci Resolve or work with editors from other facilities using popular editing software like Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer, Premiere Pro CC and more! Resolve’s powerful round tripping can import and conform your sequences using everything from basic EDLs to AAF and Final Cut XML’s. That means DaVinci Resolve is the world’s most compatible post production application.

Powerful Media Management

The powerful media management tools in DaVinci Resolve are compatible with virtually every workflow and file type imaginable, making it the perfect media manager on set or in a large post production facility. From legacy videotape to modern file based workflows, DaVinci Resolve has the tools you need to backup, copy, move and transcode and consolidate massive pools of your most valuable media!

Managing Media

DaVinci Resolve simplifies media management by centralizing key functions on the media page so you can see everything you need all in one place! You can view and playback files, sync sound and trim longer shots into shorter manageable clips. Media can be organized into bins and there are also tools to update timecode, apply look up tables, change pixel aspect ratio and more!

Import Metadata from CSV

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 can import and export metadata from CSV making it easier for anybody using custom spreadsheets or databases on set to merge metadata from the shoot directly with the clips in DaVinci Resolve. This saves countless hours in post production and helps everyone from DITs to assistant editors prep footage faster than ever before!

Clone and Backup Camera Files

When working with file based cameras and removable media it’s critical to have reliable backups of your footage. DaVinci Resolve’s new clone tool copies media drives, memory cards and camera packs to multiple simultaneous destinations while you are still on set. All copies are checksum verified, that means you get exact bit for bit digital copies of your source media. Now you can strike the set with confidence knowing that you have cloned backups and verified all your shots are perfect!

Metadata Tagging and Logging

DaVinci Resolve has more powerful logging and organization tools than any other NLE. Resolve stores the metadata from cameras and digital slates with the clips you add to your Media Pool, plus you can import and export metadata from CSV files! You can add your own metadata templates, create custom views, and log data in real time so you’re ready for editing the minute the camera stops rolling! All metadata can be exported to an ALE file that is compatible with Media Composer and other systems in your project workflow.

Bins and Smart Bins

DaVinci Resolve lets you create bins to organize your footage and has advanced search, sort and sift tools help you quickly find the shots you’re looking for. Now you can create separate bins for source footage and even VFX shots that you know will update daily. When the next batch of VFX shots are ready, simply update the timeline using the new bins to automatically relink and update to the latest version of the shots.

Power Bins

All new Power Bins in the Media Pool allow sharing of content between projects! That means you can create a Power Bin for commonly used items such as graphics, stock footage and sound effect or music libraries that you use across multiple projects. You can even set up power bins that include multiple sub bins for saving elements like shared opening and closing bumpers used in a TV series.

Audio Syncing

If your production is using sound recorded by a separate audio engineer, you will need to sync sound with your picture before screening and editing. DaVinci Resolve can manually or automatically sync your footage while you are still on set! Simply place the audio files in the same bin with the footage, select it all and use the sync command! DaVinci Resolve’s audio syncing tools save valuable time when preparing footage for editing and will help you create super fast dailies for the production team to view each day’s shoot.

Works With Everything

No other system handles more types of file formats in real time so you can edit and grade virtually anything a client brings through the door! DaVinci Resolve allows full unlimited editing and grading of DPX, CIN, EXR, QuickTime, ProRes, DNxHD and MXF files all in real time. If you have commonly used media folders for slates or bumper graphics you can quickly access them with one click using “Favorites” or import TIFF, JPEG, MOV, TGA , BMP and every other supported file just by dragging it in from the your desktop! When it’s time to deliver you can output a wide range of formats including H.264 for web streaming, self contained or single track MXF files and even DCI compliant JPEG 2000 files for theatrical distribution!

Camera RAW Support

DaVinci Resolve includes more native camera file support than any other solution! That means you’re editing and grading directly from the wide dynamic range camera originals. You get compatibility with all Blackmagic Design cameras, support for CinemaDNG RAW and CinemaDNG RAW compressed as well as ARRIRAW Alexa™ and Amira™, RED Camera R3D files including +5K, monochrome and HDRx, Cineform™, Cineform™ 3D, Phantom Raw™, Nikon™, Canon™ C300, C500, 1D, 5D, 7D and the raw cameras from, Panasonic™, Sony™ F65/F55/F5 RAW and their XAVC variants and many, many more!

Redesigned Delivery Page

DaVinci Resolve’s delivery page has been completely redesigned, making it easier to use so you can output files to your clients more quickly and efficiently. Use it to output files for other systems in your pipeline or for delivering final masters for broadcast. You can even round trip with other NLEs, create EXR or DPX image sequences for visual effects artists, or make QuickTime movies with watermark burn-ins for review and approval! DaVinci Resolve lets you master video to tape, create files for playback over the internet, or even author DCP digital cinema package files for theatrical distribution!

Faster Delivery

With DaVinci Resolve 12.5 you can now quickly select output presets that configure all of your video, audio and file output settings in a single click! There are built-in presets for exporting files to services such as YouTube, Vimeo and more. It's also easier to create your own presets with settings now organized under logical video, audio, and file tabs. There are intuitive new controls to select the range for output, editable render job names, and new icons that show local and remote render jobs!

Creating Files for Editorial

If you’re collaborating with other video editors using Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer or Premiere Pro CC you need to create files for them to use. You can use DaVinci Resolve to debayer camera RAW images and export ProRes or DNxHD files to editorial. Once a sequence is created, the editor can send an XML or AAF file back to DaVinci Resolve, every time the cut changes. DaVinci Resolve tracks the relationship between the editorial files and the camera original RAW masters and instantly conforms the cut back to the highest resolution files available. That means you can edit and grade at the same time, round trip files with editorial and never lose any grading work!

Creating Files for Visual Effects

You can export EXR or DPX image sequences for visual effects work. VFX shots on large projects are usually being worked on right up to the last minute, as the work in progress sequences come back, you can create a folder for each days VFX that can be automatically linked to the DaVinci Resolve timeline. That means you’ll always have an up to date conform with the most recent VFX plates in place.

Delivering Master Output Files

When your project is finished you can choose to output the program as it appears on the DaVinci Resolve timeline, or you can output individual graded source clips. That means you can export a high quality graded program or individual clips sequentially by reel name and source timecode. DaVinci Resolve can conform projects using the original RAW footage, that means your final output is a first generation graded copy of the camera original files!

Digital Cinema Package Files

DaVinci Resolve gives you the only way to go from native camera RAW files all the way to the silver screen in a single generation! Creating a Digital Cinema Package requires a license of EasyDCP that when entered into DaVinci Resolve opens an extended set of DCP authoring features to generate a formal DCP for theatrical distribution. It’s like going straight from your digital negative to a digital print on the big screen! Only DaVinci Resolve lets you finish your project with first generation quality on everything, regardless of your final delivery format!

Delivering Files for the Web

If you need to create files for the web, you can export a huge range of compressed Quicktime formats including H.264 directly from the delivery page. You can even author multiple files simultaneously from the same timeline at different sizes and resolutions for custom delivery formats. Files exported from DaVinci Resolve can be used as the final delivery master or recompressed by internet streaming software for web delivery.

Render Queue

Clients often ask for multiple versions of a finished project. From full quality masters to low res preview copies, DaVinci Resolve can handle it all! You can easily create queues for outputting jobs at a variety of sizes and in dozens of different formats. With DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio, you can now name each job and easily see whether they're being rendered locally or on a remote system. As jobs are completed the next one is automatically started, so you don’t have to manually start each one! You can even use remote rendering with a headless version of DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio running on another system to export the files in the Queue while you continue working!

Master to Tape

DaVinci Resolve can be used to control professional broadcast decks, like HDCAM-SR, so you can record your finished video master to tape. Using a Blackmagic DeckLink card or UltraStudio Thunderbolt capture and playback solution, you can connect to professional decks using standard RS-422 remote connections for complete deck control and SDI for audio and video. DaVinci Resolve’s deck control makes frame accurate play out to tape quick and easy!

Unsurpassed Control

Exotic locations, far off places, and even entire worlds are created on the stages and inside the computers of major Hollywood film studios. Bringing it all together and making it look real requires the most powerful tools and the highest quality image processing. DaVinci Resolve was developed in collaboration with the leading post production companies around the world and is the only solution that gives colorists the control they need to create realistic images that make us believe in what we see on the silver screen!

Advanced Control Panel

When you want the best available, then you need the amazing DaVinci control panel. The control panel and software have been designed by colorists to work together in total harmony. Controls have been placed near your natural hand positions and lift, gamma and gain can all be adjusted at the same time. Each correction control has a separate button or knob, so you can instinctively reach out and touch every part of your image.

High Resolution LCD Displays

5 super bright full color displays show menus and indicators for a massive 32 soft knobs and 30 soft keys. Menus update automatically to show the quickest and most direct keys to every feature so you never waste time searching through long menus.

Illuminated Keys

Custom backlit keys feature RGB color and intensity to suit your mood and taste! No other control surface looks as amazing in a darkened room!

Soft Knobs

Each soft knob allows super fine parameter adjustment and with a simple push, you can set each parameter back to the default.

Lift, Gamma, Gain and Offset

Trackballs provide RGB balance adjustments and gain for lift, gamma and gain, each with a master level control. You also have a RGB offset and master gain to adjust the brightness of the entire image.

Shadows, Tones and Highlights

With a single key you can switch your trackballs to grading shadows, mid tones and highlights using log controls with high and low range, contrast and master pivot.

Individual Camera RAW Controls

You get direct GPU de-bayer controls on the panel for exposure, contrast, lift, gain, color temperature, tint, highlight and lowlight recovery, saturation, color boost and mid tone detail. Adjusting camera RAW files has never been easier or faster.

Reference Keys and Fader T-bar

Colorists constantly grab and play stills to compare grades using the gallery. The DaVinci Resolve control panel has dedicated memory keys to quickly save and recall stills. You can use the fader T-bar to wipe between saved stills and your live grading timeline.

Slide out Keyboard

Use the slide out keyboard when you need to enter clip metadata, name files, nodes or put notes on markers. When your finished the keyboard retracts into the control surface.

Transport Controls

The jog/shuttle knob and transport control keys give you full control of your project timeline or deck.

Precise Color Control and Image Enhancement

Hollywood post houses have built some of the fastest networks and super computer systems on the planet because they’re working on major motion pictures for the big studios. They’re dealing with incredibly high resolution images, massive amounts of data and super tight deadlines. They are also working with some of the most demanding clients in the world! When it comes to final color and image enhancement, Hollywood turns to DaVinci Resolve because they can build massive, multi GPU systems, connect them to high speed storage area networks and work in real time, all while the client is watching!

Unlimited Power

Computer based solutions are always limited to the single computer you’re running on. DaVinci Resolve on Linux smashes this limitation, because it’s based on a cluster of Linux computers with high performance GPU cards, so all processing is always real time. This means DaVinci Resolve has all the power of a super computer for the real time performance you need when you’re in a room full of clients. Add dozens of primaries, secondaries, power windows, multi point tracking, blurs and more, then just hit play. It always works.

Super Computer Based Grading

When you need the power to do the world’s leading feature films, television commercials and programming, DaVinci Resolve is the solution that allows you to expand without limits. Simply build your own “super computer” to allow high speed processing to handle high frame rates and high resolutions beyond 4K. It’s easy to buy a multi GPU off the shelf system such as the new Apple MacPro or customize your own multi GPU system. Fast workstations can be based on expander chassis or large workstation class PC’s with multiple clustered GPU cards. Your DaVinci Resolve specialist reseller can recommend the computing platform you need customized specifically for your type of work you need to do.

Storage Area Network Collaboration

The multi GPU processing power of DaVinci Resolve systems means you can process at incredible speed. When working with multiple people collaborating on large jobs, a storage area network “SAN” is ideal for allowing everyone to access the same media. Storage area networks allow a high speed direct connection to shared storage and are commonly used by leading Hollywood facilities with the power they need to work in real time and always have access to the material they need! DaVinci Resolve has all the shared project database and collaborative features to handle large SAN based workflows so you can keep growing into the largest television facility in the world!

Complex Facility Management

DaVinci Resolve systems are perfect when you’re a mid range facility that regularly handles multiple jobs at the same time and then can suddenly need to handle very large feature film jobs. The perfect solution is to use a central equipment room with multiple DaVinci Resolve systems installed and then combine facility design into large client based areas, or a theatrette and then multiple smaller spaces where colorists and editors can quietly work without clients. Then when you have a client arrive, simply patch monitoring into the large rooms so you can transfer jobs between spaces instantly. This is a fantastic solution to optimizing the space in a post production facility and allows you to grow large without limits.

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