Bright Tangerine DNA Strummer Core

Strummer Core Set Includes: Strummer Carbon Shade & Core Swing Away Slide Bracket Top Flag Mounts Side 3/8" Bracket ARM NOT INCLUDED

What are boundaries for? At Bright Tangerine, we believe they are there to be pushed. And we design to push them.

Packing smart ideas into an astonishingly simple matte box, we created Strummer to mark a new era in creative flexibility. Its advanced features will satisfy any cinematographer.

A powerful combination of our patent pending Click Cassette Technology with our Swing Away Slide Core lies at the heart of the system. It makes lens changes simple, while retaining an incredible field of view suitable for just about any lens.

Breaking ranks, Strummer delivers the flexibility you need on set. With just a click of a button you can add/remove individual filter stages in seconds. Or switch to our 6.6” cassette and cover super zooms like the Optimo 24-290mm. Being able to change the number of filter stages allows you to reduce weight and increase field of view, or stack more filters easily.

We know that every job is different. And Strummer’s ingenious design is there to redefine the way you work. Quite simply, it ensures that you have the right tool at the right time, all of the time. On top of that, it saves you money on costly second systems and expensive filter stages. If you get caught out needing more filters than you thought you would - there is no need to change the back. Plus the 6.6” cassette saves you having to buy another matte box for big lenses.

Strummer is comprised of stainless steel, carbon fibre composite and strong yet lightweight hard anodized alloys. This assures reliability even in the most demanding environments. Ready for anything, Strummer has the durability and the versatility to realise every shooting style. 



  • Strummer carbon shade & core, swing away slide bracket
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    Model B1200.1021
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