Bright Tangerine Strummer DNA Matte Box Set

Build your own matte box set. The Strummer DNA Matte Box starts out with a carbon fiber shade and core with swing away bracket, top flag mounts and side 3/8" brackets. Arm not included. Please select your configuration below.

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Strummer DNA core shown with 15mm LW Bracket and Single Stage filter tray
Bright Tangerine Strummer DNA Matte Box Set

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    Swing Away Slide Core: The professional standard for fast and easy lens changes. Unlock the slide mechanism, push the matte box forwards and pivot it away from the optical axis.

    Quick Release Sunshade: Sometimes flares are good. Undo two screws and remove the carbon sunshade to increase filtered flare or access our interchangeable 5.65 or 6.6 cassettes.

    Click Cassette Technology: It’s a kind of magic, really. It’s cool, and saves you money. Three years in the making, our stages connect together in a unique way, allowing more light to pass through and creating an incredible field of view.

    You don’t always know your shooting situation. Sometimes you need a two-stage system to cover wide-angle lenses, or you may need more filters to balance the environment. Traditional systems have either a fixed number of stages or require multiple complete filter stage assemblies. We thought it would be a great idea if you could own a three-stage matte box that could easily be turned into a two-stage matte box. By pulling a section out or putting another one in, you can make it three, four, or as many stages as you like. Then we thought it would be even better if you could quickly remove the 5.65” cassette and replace it with a 6.6” cassette, so it can cover industry standard zooms, like the Optimo 24-290. And we did; so you can.

    360 Degrees of Rotation: We’ve crammed a lot into this little matte box. In 5.65” mode, all stages fully rotate. In 6.6” mode, with the help of our X-band bracket, the first stage is fixed and everything else rotates.

    Filter Trays: Lenses are getting wider and sensors are getting bigger, so we cover them all: In 5.65” mode, you can use 4x4”, 4x5.65”, 5x5”, and 5.65x5.65” filters. In 6.6” mode, you can use 4x5.65” and 6.6x6.6” filters. 6” and 138mm round filters fit right into our donuts.

    Self Servicing: It just got easy. Conventional filter stages trap debris. It’s a fact, and it can be quite a job to take them apart. Our cassette system doesn’t have contact plates and doesn’t need lubrication either, so things don’t get clogged up. Thanks to our Click Cassette Technology, with a click of a button and a swipe of a brush - you’re done.

    138mm & 6” Industry Standard Donut Ring: You’ll be glad to know we conform to industry standards, so you can use your existing inventory or have a look at our optional accessories and see if we make the diameter you need.

    Lightweight Flag System: Sometimes we do things just because we want to. This is one of them: our top and side flags are constructed from carbon fibre panels with adjustable side wings for maximum flare control. These sit on beautifully designed alloy articulated carriers. Incredibly light, unbelievably strong, and they look gorgeous. We think it was worth the effort.

    French Flag Bracket with 3/8” Threaded Holes: We did it again. A great way for clamping your own French flag and attaching cine tapes or monitors to face the action.

    A Set of Five Hard Mattes: Full contact fitting so they won’t fall off, and we painted them matte black so they are invisible in reflections. Available as set of 16mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm.

    Mounting Options: We’ve got you covered. Choose from our 15mm lightweight system or fit the 19mm or 15mm studio brackets when you’re on the run. For larger diameter lenses, opt for the dedicated 19mm or 15mm studio arms.



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