Bright Tangerine VIV 2-stage Matte Box & 150mm Clamp System

Includes: 2-stage mattebox, carbon fibre core and a 150mm clamp system. Trays not included.

What are boundaries for? At Bright Tangerine, we believe they are there to be pushed. And we design to push them.

Creating a new standard in compact lightweight matte boxes, Viv is engineered to achieve an incredibly high strength to weight ratio. It sports our patent pending Stack Cassette Technology and features our newly developed patent pending light shield system. Viv packs an incredible field of view into a surprisingly portable body.

Built on a solid carbon fibre core and using sophisticated hard anodised alloys, Viv is tough enough to travel anywhere. Deep within is the intuitive Stack Cassette Technology unleashing an astonishing field of view, self servicing, and fast switching from 2-stage to 3-stage in under 60 seconds.

Our new light shield system is unbelievably light. It’s also strong enough to endure the most difficult environments, thanks to an optimised balance between carbon fibre composite and our patent pending axle design.

Viv supports up to three 4x5.65” filters. The first stage is fixed; additional stages have 360 degrees of full rotation. Equipped with a 150mm clamp-on as standard, there is an optional 15mm lightweight bracket. Strummer’s 19mm and 15mm studio brackets can be attached to the lightweight bracket, making it versatile enough to work with any system.


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Model B1210.1001
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