Bright Tangerine VIV Matte Box Set

Build your own matte box set. Start by choosing VIV 2-stage or VIV 3-stage then add on any desired accessories to your customized bundle below

 VIV 2-Stage Includes:

(2) Stage matte box
(1) 150mm clamp system

VIV 3-Stage Includes:

(3) Stage matte box
(1) 150mm clamp system


As low as $1,440.00

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VIV 2 Stage
Bright Tangerine VIV Matte Box Set

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    Patent Pending Stack Cassette Technology: 3-stage to 2-stage and back again. We loved designing this feature. If you own a 3-stage system you can turn into a 2-stage system and vice versa (with an extra part), and it takes less than 60 seconds. It’s so simple anyone can do it.

    Clamp-On and Rod Mounts: Viv can be clamped on 150mm dia. lenses directly and on smaller lenses with adapter rings. If you want to use bars, you can do that to. Attach the optional 15mm lightweight bracket and you are set. Use Strummers 19mm or 15mm studio brackets and 138mm rubber donut with step down ring. Wherever possible, we try our best to make sure you can use the stuff you already own. It just makes sense.

    360 Degrees of Rotation: Despite being light and compact, we still have rotating filter stages. The first stage is fixed; the second and third stages rotate through 360 degrees.

    Quick Release Flag System: Ditch the weight, not the strength. Our carbon fibre blades are fixed to small, incredibly light, alloy axles that stay with the flag and not the matte box. Remove the flag, remove the weight. And if that wasn’t enough you can use them on Misfit! Simply brilliant.

    Self Servicing: It just got easy. Conventional filter stages trap debris. It can be quite a pain to take them apart. Our Stack Cassette Technology doesn’t have contact plates or need lubrication so things don’t get clogged up. Remove four screws and you can easily brush away any dirt.

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