Cmotion - cForce Basic Motor Set

The Cmotion cForce basic motor set.
This brand new motor with in-built smart electronics runs as fast as any top end motor in the market but is virtually silent at less than 20 dB. It was developed in collaboration with ARRI and offers various flexible mounting options. With twin connectors and using daisy chain technology, multiple motors can be chain linked from a single connector on the camin. It can also be used in a unique hardwired configuration without the camin where power is supplied directly through the end motor. cforce motors are also compatible with the cvolution system, the knob solo and our range of ENG-adapters. Up to 3 cforce motors can be connected to a single CBUS on any cvolution camin, providing control for up to 11 motors when used with camin 8M and 8M-TC. Includes: cforce Motor Unit-C0J5-K11, CLM-4 Standard Clamp Console 19/15mm-K2.72101.0, 1x CLM-4 Gear Carrier, Gears: 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8
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Model C0J5-K10
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