Cmotion - Compact LCS Set 3

The compact LCS is a fast, smart and silent lens control system by cmotion for an affordable price. Includes handunit with knob, joystick, rocker switch for three motor control, and three motors.

The compact LCS is a completely new product line available in 1, 2 and 3 motor configurations. As with all control modules from Cmotion, the hand unit is robust and ergonomic and available for right or left handed operation. A brand new intelligent motor, developed in collaboration with ARRI, is an integral component of the new compact line up.

Designed and developed by cmotion, compact LCS is available in several affordable and ready to use packages. Made from quality materials and using the latest technology, compact offers cmotion reliability you would expect, for a price you wouldn’t. Selectable configurations offer precision control for up to 3 motors whether wireless or hardwired through the ergonomic and easy to use hand unit. The brand new cforce motors provide outstanding performance with unique cable smart daisy chain technology. Settings such as direction, torque, ramping and digital limits are easy to set through the intuitive user interface with data and information clearly displayed on
the 2.3” integrated screen. With start/stop control for a variety of cameras and flexible power supply options to the camin or direct to the motor, compact LCS offers affordable quality, functionality and reliability.


Manufactured using high quality materials and available in ergonomic configurations for either right or left handed operators the compact hand unit has an integrated 2.3” colour screen clearly displaying important data and menu options, even in direct sunlight. Thoughtfully laid out function buttons and the optional rocker switch make it quick
and convenient to configure personal settings which can be saved to a flash drive through the integrated USB port.

To optimize the function of the compact hand unit, it is available in the following configurations:

  •     with knob only
  •     with force sensitive joystick only
  •     with knob and rocker switch
  •     with knob and force sensitive joystick
  •     with knob, sensitive joystick and rocker switch

*Rocker switch can be used for motor control and menu settings

In its complete configuration, compact hand unit can control up to 3 motors either wireless or hardwired to just one of the motors.


The compact camin is a small and lightweight wireless box which can be mounted anywhere on or near the camera. It offers control for up to 3 motors plus a universal interface for camera start/stop control. Having the motor driver electronics built into the motor enables us to keep this unit suited to its name.


This brand new motor with in-built smart electronics runs as fast as any top end motor in the market but is virtually silent at less than 20 dB. It was developed in collaboration with ARRI and offers various flexible mounting options. With twin connectors and using daisy chain technology, multiple motors can be chain linked from a single connector
on the camin. It can also be used in a unique hardwired configuration without the camin where power is supplied directly through the end motor.

cforce motors are also compatible with the cvolution system, the knob solo and our range of ENG-adapters. Up to 3 cforce motors can be connected to a single CBUS on any cvolution camin, providing control for up to 11 motors when used with camin 8M and 8M-TC.

Set 3 Includes:

  • compact handunit with knob, joystick and rocker switch for three motor control
  • compact camin
  • 3x cforce motor set (including standart clamp for 19mm rods, 15mm rod adapter, gear set and 1x gear carrier)
  • 1x LCB-1 cable (motor cable 0.8m) Lemo 4pin - Lemo 4pin
  • 1x LCB-3 cable (motor cable 0.2m) Lemo 4pin - Lemo 4pin
  • 1x LCB-4 cable
  • 1x RRS-7 cable (RS cable (Fi f3p, AntB 2p) 0,8m (2' 7). For power supply with Anton Bauer plug)
  • cfast rod connector (for 19mm rods, including a 15mm rod adapter)
  • 3x battery
  • battery charger
  • 5x marker rings
  • cstrap
  • compact hard case
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