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sales terms

We grant you all of our products on the full original warranty of the manufacturer. For more information, please refer to the warranty provisions, which settled your original product and/or the product warranties mentioned below. Also, please refer to our "Terms of Delivery and Payment" listed below.


TEN Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your Innocinema purchase, please get in touch with us and we will organize a replacement, provide you with store credit or give you your money back. It’s your choice. 
Requests must be made within 10 days after receiving the goods. Products must be returned in new condition and have all original manufacturers packaging, materials, and accessories intact. Please note that some electronics will not be covered under this policy if opened and may result in a restocking fee if accepted opened. The terms of return for opened electronics will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The terms of refund for all items are subject to a restocking fee or processing fee. Charging a restocking fee or processing fee upon refund will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 


THREE Year ActionProducts Guarantee

For products with this guarantee, ActionProducts will  provide/facilitate any neccessay replacement or repair in case of mechanical material failures. Normal wear and expendable items are not part of the guarantee. This gurantee is limited to mechanical parts manufactured by ActionProducts. Electronic components are not covered though this guarantee.


ONE Year ActionProducts Electronics Guarantee

For products with this guarantee, ActionProducts will  provide/facilitate any necessary replacement or repair in case of electrical failures. Normal wear, damage from abuse of functionality, and expendable items are not part of the guarantee. This gurantee is limited to electrical parts manufactured by ActionProducts. 



Third-Party Product Support Guarantee

We will do everything we can to solve your issues in house before involving the manufacturer or distributor. All Third-Party products, fall under the manufactures or distributor limited warranty. All items needing repair should be sent to the manufacturer or distributor directly for service if we are not able to solve the issue in house. We will attempt to facilitate communications with manufacturer or distributor in the case of warranty claims. Innocinema is not liable if the manufacturer or distributor fails to perform warranty service. 


Terms of Delivery and Payment 

We reserve the right to change price lists without advance notice

A) Scope of application. The subsequent terms of delivery and payment (hereinafter the "GT&C") shall exclusively apply to all our deliveries and services. Any terms and conditions of the customer, contrary to or deviating from our GT&C are not accepted unless expressly approved in writing in the individual case. Our GT&C also apply to all future business transactions with standing customers.

B) Offers. Unless otherwise agreed our offers are always subject to change and not binding, especially as regards prices and terms of delivery. The customers offers are binding for 20 days. An effective contract is only concluded if the order we received was confirmed in writing and by no later than upon customers acceptance of delivery.

C) Prices, delivery, default of delivery, partial delivery, force majeure. Unless otherwise agreed our prices are quoted in US Dollars ex factory plus possibly due Sales Tax at the legal rate applicable at this time. 

The prices charged are the prices set forth on the price list applicable at the conclusion of the contract. In the event that delivery is made later than four weeks after the conclusion of the contract and in the absence of an agreed fixed price we are, in case of an increase of costs, entitled to adjust our prices by a reasonable increase according to the increase of wages, salaries, material and production costs meanwhile incurred. 

The dates and terms of delivery indicated on our confirmations of order are not binding unless otherwise agreed. Deliveries are made in accordance with our stocks and production facilities. 

Delays of delivery due to force majeure or other causes outside our or our suppliers control such as e.g. regular strikes or lockouts, fire, war, etc., which prevent us temporarily without our fault or a fault for which we are not responsible, from delivering the purchased products at the fixed or not fixed date, the dates of delivery are postponed for the time delivery is impaired by these circumstances. If the impairment causes a delay of delivery by more than four months, either party can rescind the contract. If delivery and services become impossible or unconscionable because of the impairment, we are definitely released from our obligation to perform. Nothing in this shall prejudice any other right of rescission of the customer.

D) Changes. We reserve the right of constructive further developments which the customer can be reasonably expected to accept.

E) Shipment, passing of risks, insurance. Our deliveries are all and without exception made ex warehouse Reinach BL; Switzerland or from Charlotte NC; USA. All deliveries are shipped at the cost and risk of the customer. The risk is passed to the customer as soon as the delivery was taken over by the person in charge of the transportation or has left our warehouse for shipment. If the customer does not accept delivery of the goods in due time although they were offered to him or her, the risk is passed to the customer upon notification of that the goods are ready for shipment. 

Shipments of which the outward state permits to assume a damage of the content of the shipment have only to be accepted subject to the reservation that claims for damages will be asserted against the forwarding agent who has to be immediately notified of any damage discovered. 

We only take out a transportation insurance at the request and at the expense of the customer.

F) Terms of payment, default, prepayment. Our invoices are due prior to delivery of the goods. Invoices for repair and/or deliveries of spare parts are payable prior to delivery.

G) Return. Goods which are definitely sold and free from defects cannot be returned or exchanged.

H) Complaints and liability in respect of defects. Goods we delivered have to be immediately inspected. Obvious defects have to be notified in writing within 5 days from receipt of delivery. Hidden defects have to be notified in writing within 10 days from the day on which the defect was discovered. If the customer notifies a defect in due time, he is entitled to a free of charge removal of the defect or to the delivery of a product free from defects, at our option (subsequent performance). Replaced parts become our property.

Upon our request the customer has to give us the possibility to inspect the defective goods complained about or has to return the goods complained about at his expense. The customer cannot assert claims for expenses incurred because of the subsequent performance (e.g. transportation costs, tolls, work and material costs) if these expenses are increased because the bought product was transported to another place after delivery than to the seat or the establishment of the customer unless the transportation is required because of the designed use of the product. No claims for defects can be asserted if the condition of the delivered goods slightly differs from the agreed quality, if a use is slightly impaired, in case of normal wear and tear or in case of loss from normal use as well as in case of defects caused after the passing of risks because of wrong or negligent handling (e.g. by inappropriate or improper storage and use, wrong assembly or wrongly put into service by the ordering party or a third party, wrong or negligent handling, excessive use, inappropriate operation facilities, defective construction works as well as special influence from the outside, which were not assumed under the contract). 

The customer can only claim damages because of defects if the manufacturer liability is not excluded or limited according to lit. L) of these GT&C. Any further or other claims for material defects as those laid down in this clause are excluded.

I) Liability. Customers can only claim damages in cases of willful conduct, gross negligence or a violation of a cardinal contractual obligation. In case of a slightly negligent violation of a cardinal contractual obligation our liability is limited to foreseeable damage typical for the contract and to no more than triple the value of the goods. Nothing in this shall prejudice liability for fraudulent concealment of defects or the assumption of a quality guarantee as well as liability for claims under product liability and for physical injury. This does not include a change of the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the customer.

J) Place of jurisdiction, governing law. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for both parties shall be our place of business if the customer is a businessman or a public legal entity or if the customers general venue is not located in USA at the time when a suit is filed. We are also entitled to file a suit at the customers place of business. 
USA law shall exclusively apply to all litigations, the application of the UN Sales Convention being excluded.

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