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Daryl, Justin, Emily, & Brian Goff

Daryl, Justin, Emily, & Brian Goff taken at Justin & Emily Goff's wedding 10/04/14

Innocinema has received many requests for ActionProducts products over the last few months. With that said, I am saddened to inform you that ActionProducts GmbH has gone out of business. With cheaper solutions being made in other countries, and also a rapidly changing market, manufacturing and design in Switzerland eventually became financially impossible. Innocinema has decided to issue this statement in the interest of our own customers.

In addition to that, the Innocinema support office, that was managed by the ActionProducts GmbH staff located in Switzerland, will also be closed as of October 1st, 2016. No new orders will be able to be purchased through the Switzerland support office and are now temporarily redirected to the Innocinema headquarters, located in Atlanta, Georgia USA. However, support will remain for all pending/unfulfilled orders currently placed with the Switzerland support office until they are phased out. If you have questions about your order status, simply contact the representative you are currently in contact with. If you need further assistance, please email the Innocinema USA Headquarters at, or call us at 1-770-857-3435 anytime. All ActionProducts products are no longer made, sold, or in-stock, so we are unable to fulfill these products. However, there will continue to be a level of support for providing repairs, etc. under ActionProducts's statement of terms below.

As ActionProducts has discontinued its business and does not exist anymore you need to follow up for any repairs or guarantee cases (electronic devices only) directly with the following repair service:
Joerg Wittmer
Parkstrasse 2 5012
Tel: +41 (0)62 849 03 51
Please get in contact with them directly to arrange any repairs. Please note the following:
  • - Smartronic will not provide any free shipping regardless if your repair is a guarantee case or not (as the products were sold through AP and not them).
  • - If you think your repair is a guarantee case - then please include a copy of the original invoice that shows when you purchased the product.
  • - Smartronic will examine the repair and provide a quote on the costs.
  • - Payment must always be done before the repair will be returned.
  • - Note that the product will be shipped back to you with the same value you shipped it to the repair service (this can cost import taxes). Any extra costs caused by declaring a to high value will be charged by Smartronic.

  Innocinema Atlanta Showroom

ActionProducts was owned and operated by my two older brothers, Brian & Daryl Goff, for the last 20 years, and this is a very sad time for each of us. Innocinema started as a small company carrying only one brand in our online catalog, and that was ActionProducts. Innocinema has proudly remained a reseller of the brand until now.

It is important to note that Innocinema is a resell and rental company, while ActionProducts was a manufacturing and product design company. The two are, and always were completely separate companies, and Innocinema has no influence or ability in manufacturing any of these products. Innocinema currently carries over 170 brands and 38,000 products in our online catalog, a large step up from where we originally started, and continues to be owned and operated as a family business by myself and my beautiful wife, Emily Goff. However this does not make the loss of the ActionProducts brand any easier. I am grateful for the opportunity to have carried and represented their brand over the last six years, and eternally grateful to have had their friendship and support while pursuing a shared passion for film, and more importantly to share it as brothers.


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