Innocinema Backorder & Out-of-stock

Backorder & Out-of-stock

We do everything in our power to have in-demand items in stock as often as possible. However, there are many factors that can prevent us from having some items in stock sometimes.

  1. We offer tens of thousands of items for sale and rent. It is impossible to have all of them in stock 100% of the time. Please understand that like all businesses, we have limitations on stocking items that have a long turn over time.
  2. With consent demand fluctuations, sometimes in-stock items sell out at random times with us, our distributors, and manufacturers.
  3. The manufacturer sometimes has unpredictable production delays that can not be helped. We have no control over these types of delays.
  4. Items that do not show a consistent demand, are intench not stocked sometimes, and are considered special order status.
  5. Items in preorder status are depending on the manufacturers schedule. We have no control over these types of delays.

For all backorders, including preorders, we do everything in our power to keep you informed of lead times and other relevant product updates every step of the way. If you do not hear from us for a period of time, it is because there is no new update. Fulfilling pending orders as quickly as possible is #1 priority.

Also note, that when purchasing with a Credit Card online, it is Innocinema’s standard practice to only authorize your card, and not capture your money, until closer shipment. However, this authorization will expire between 20 - 30 days, so if a backorder, special order, or preorder period goes longer than this, we will be forced to capture the money before the authorization expires. You will get a notification email confirming when your funds are captured.

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