Innocinema Preorder Status & Terms

Preorder Status & Terms

Why am I being charged for preorder items?

Please understand that the terms a manufacturer has on new non-released items varies product to product. We are required to honor whatever terms & conditions they set in place for these unreleased items. Also the prerelease demand may require you to officially reserve a place in line for orders to be received without further delay.

We do everything we can to avoid having to charge you anything, but if we do, we try to allow it be a small reasonable deposit that will be applied to the final balance at before shipping. Charging the full amount for a preorder is rare and always the last resort.

Also note, that when purchasing with a Credit Card online, it is Innocinema’s standard practice to only authorize your card, and not capture your money, until closer shipment. However, this authorization will expire between 20 - 30 days, so if a preorder period goes longer than this, we will be forced to capture the money before the authorization expires. You will get a notification email confirming when your funds are captured.

What is the status of my preorder?

For all backorders, including preorders, we do everything in our power to keep you informed of lead times and other relevant product updates every step of the way. If you do not hear from us for a period of time, it is because there is no new update. Fulfilling pending orders as quickly as possible is #1 priority.

Can I cancel the order prior to shipping?

As long as your pre-order was not marked or stated as "final sale" or "non-cancelable" on the product listing itself or by our sales team, you will be able to cancel the order prior to shipping. Noncancelable preorders are always extremely rare and usually part of a special case, like a “Group Buy” or something like that.

If your funds have been captured for your credit card, your preorder cancelation may be subject to a 3% fee to help compensate for the merchant and administration fee of your captured funds. We always try to avoid charging this, but as these preorders differ case by case, sometimes we are forced to charge this fee.

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