Innocinema Shipped Order Missing Item(s)

Shipment Missing Item(s)

Partial Shipments:

99% of the time if there are unfulfilled items, its because some items have been shipped as they become available and the remaining items are set to ship as they become available. This is common for orders that include some items that are on backorder or preorder status. You should be automatically notified from a system generated order email, detailing the exact items of your order that are include in these partial shipments. In the rare cases this email is not sent or is in error, someone from our sales team will be notifying you personally of the tracking numbers and specific items that were included.

You will not be charged for the extra shipping charges that occur in these multiple partial shipments, unless specifically requested from someone in our sales team. This means the shipping cost you were charged on the whole order will cover all partial shipments that might occur for your order.

Shipment Errors:

Those these are extremely rare, mistakes do happen from time to time. If there is a case where we indicated we shipped something that was not included or included something not on your order by mistake, please notify us as soon as possible so we can assist you in solving the issue.

The longer you delay to notify us of these discrepancies, the harder it will be to prove the fault is on our end. To prevent unnecessary issues with this, please always open your packages as soon as possible when you receive them, and notify us ASAP if you have a concern.

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