Litepanels - Sola ENG Daylight Fresnel

Litepanels Sola ENG Daylight Fresnel Kit

The Sola ENG LED Fresnel Lighting Kit is a breakthrough in LED design. The 3" on-camera LED light provides beam control, illumination, and single-shadow properties of standard fresnel fixtures at a fraction of the required power. It is fully dimmable with no noticeable shift in color temp. This cool running LED is flicker-free and requires only 30W of power to produce the tungsten output equivalent of 250W. Powered by a camera battery or AC adapter, the Sola ENG is not only energy efficient but extremely light-weight at 10 oz (0.28kg).

  • Fresnel fixture producing soft, directional illumination
  • Litepanels proprietary heat-free LED technology
  • 3” Fresnel lens
  • Designed for on-camera, handheld or stand mounting
  • Energy savings and extended bulb life
  • Daylight color temperature with no external ballast or restrike period required
  • AC/DC power with DC power through included D-Tap cable
  • 100% - 0 dimming with no noticeable color shift or flicker at any frame rate / shutter angle
  • Output flicker-free, and remains constant
  • Focus control - 50° to 15° beam with on-fixture dial
  • Light-weight housing allowing usage of included 2-leaf barndoors
  • The Sola ENG has been tested and approved for use with the Anton/Bauer professional batteries with included D-Tap cable
  • More Information
    Model 906-1002
    In Depth
  • Color Temperature: Daylight balanced
  • Fresnel Lens: 3” / 10.16cm
  • Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 5” (102mm x 102mm x 127mm)
  • Weight: 10 ounces (.28kg)
  • Maximum Power Draw: 39W
  • Power Requirement: 10-20VDC
  • Power Supply: AC/DC 120-240VAC, DC power via 2-pin D-Tap power cable
  • Includes: 2-way barndoors, CTO gel set, deluxe ballhead shoe mount, shoe mount conversion kit, TVMP stand adapter, D-Tap power cable, power supply, power cord, carrying case
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