Oconnor - 60L Carbon Fiber Tripod (150mm).

OConnor 60L Lightweight, two-stage carbon fiber tripod assembly only with 150 mm bowl for payloads up to 209 lbs (95 kg)

The new OConnor 60L carbon fiber tripod offers a superior lightweight support option for the OConnor Ultimate 2065 and 2575D fluid heads. The tripod combines the benefits of new-age materials with precision engineering to provide a support system that is lighter weight with fast setup features, yet solid enough to carry large film camera configurations.

The 60L weighs just 9 lbs (4.1 kg) and has a double extension design that is safe and stable carrying payloads of up to 209 lbs (95 kg), even at its maximum height of 60.6" (154 cm). Despite its generous height range it folds down to a mere 29.9" (76 cm).

OConnor's 60L is a lighter weight, speedy setup tripod with a 150 mm bowl, making it the ideal choice for professional cinematographers who require a flexible shooting package for larger cameras.

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Model C1255-0001
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