OConnor Cine HD Baby Tripod (150mm)

Introducing the OConnor CineHD Baby Heavy Duty Aluminum Tripod for Payloads up to 309 lbs. (140 kg).

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OConnor Cine HD Baby Tripod (150mm)
OConnor Cine HD Baby Tripod (150mm)

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    The CINE HD BABY tripod is the perfect choice for heavy payloads that must be supported in a safe and reliable manner.
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    Model IDK166
    In Depth
  • Model: CINE HD BABY
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Capacity: 309 lbs. (140 kg)
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs. (8.4 kg) (with Spreader)
  • Maximum Height: 34.6 in. (87.9 cm)
  • Minimum Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm)
  • Top Casting: 150 mm
  • Collapsed Length: 23.6 in. (60 cm)
  • Collapsed Width: 11.1 in. (28.2 cm)
  • Includes: (spreader sold seperately)
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