Angenieux - NAB2016 Innocinema SALE - 0% Interest Available


Innocinema is proud to announce Angenieux to our brands listing!  Now through May 18th, we are offering discounted NAB2016 pricing on select Angenieux lens bundles! NOW OFFERING 0% interest for 12 months, 2.99% interest for 24 months, and 4.99% interest for 36 months on ALL Angenieux products.  In addition, we are applying this offer towards ANY Innocinema shop items when paired with an Angenieux product!  All financing is being offered through our trusted financing partner, Southern California Leasing.


Innocinema offers over 13,000 products and 65 brands, so its safe to say we have what you're looking for!  We offer only the utmost quality - professional tools for professional filmmakers.  Why not pair a new Angenieux lens with a new or upgradable RED camera?  We are also a RED Digital Cinema authorized dealer. Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe Winner THE MARTIAN was shot on both RED and the Angenieux Optimo 45-120, Optimo 15-40, and Optimo 28-76 lenses!


Special Anamorphic 2S Series

Special Style Series

Special ASU Plus a Lens

Angenieux_promotion_MiddleOA OPTIMO ANAMORPHIC Angenieux’s lines of anamorphic zoom lenses enhance technique and creativity by giving film-like, dimensional character to images.  Their unique optical design combining spherical and cylindrical elements in the same group delivers exceptional sharpness and lower distortion compared to typical anamorphic lenses.  With two compact zoom models to meet all your anamorphic needs, you can bring more freedom of movement into the creative process with superior results, both in hand-held mode and on a Steadicam.  Based on the optical design of the 2012 SOC and 2009 Academy of Motion Picture award winning Optimo 28-76mm and 15-40mm zoom lenses, the 56-152mm 2S and the newly introduced 30-72mm 2S zoom lenses deliver exceptional optical performance never before seen with an anamorphic zoom. Angenieux_promotion_MiddleOS OPTIMO SPHERICAL Long lenses – Setting the standard for optics technology and performance, the Optimo family of long lenses offers a range of zoom lenses to meet the most uncompromising requirements.  Manufactured with exquisite precision, they help you bring greater artistry and cinematic expression to your shoot in any format.  Optimo long lenses are now the reference lenses in every type of production from feature films, commercials, TV series and video clips to major sports events and concert. Lightweight, compact lenses – Our suite of Optimo lightweight hand-held zoom lenses – including 15-40mm, 28-76mm and 45-120mm – lets you pack light without sacrificing performance.  They deliver the extremely fast apertures with outstanding contrast and color reproduction that have made Optimo the choice for high-end productions by DPs all over the world.  Take our family of Optimo zoom lenses on your next shoot and experience the difference. Angenieux_promotion_MiddleOSS OPTIMO STYLE SPHERICAL The proliferation of 4K digital screens and the advent of ultra definition television are escalating the demands for high quality motion picture content.  A vast spectrum of new generation digital 35mm cameras has become available, and is being deployed in numerous production environments encompassing movies, dramas, commercials, concerts, and live sports events. For over three quarters of a century, Angenieux has been serving the motion picture industry with zoom lenses of uncompromising quality, represented by the Optimo lens series.  Optimo 24-290mm, 28-340mm and other Angenieux Cine lenses are already largely and commonly used for 4K concert and sport event shoots.  The new Optimo Style family of zoom lenses inherits the virtues of the famed Optimo Cine lenses, with extra compatibility and production efficiency.  All Optimo Style lenses are carefully manufactured to achieve a resolution of 4K and beyond making them a sound investment for years to come.  The Optimo Style family is initially comprised of two lightweight zoom lenses with an optional motorization system, and a 10x zoom lens inspired by the legendary Angenieux 25-250mm zoom. 

DID YOU KNOW... Understanding anamorphic lenses are not as complicated as you might think.  RED Digital Cinema wrote an excellent and informative blog about anamorphic lenses and how they work compared to spherical lens here. Angenieux is an award winning brand! In 2013, Angenieux was designated a living heritage company under the French government’s Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant program, recognizing companies with a living legacy and tradition of merit and innovation.  Angenieux received an Emmy Award in 2005 for lens technology developments “for solid state imagers for cameras in high definition formats” from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In February 2009, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented Angenieux with a Scientific and Engineering Award “for the optical and mechanical designs of the compact and lightweight Optimo 15-40mm and 28-76mm zoom lenses for handheld motion picture photography”. Angenieux also received the 2012 Technical Achievement Award in February 2012 from the Society of Camera Operators for the design of the Optimo 15-40mm, 28-76mm and 45-120mm hand-held zoom lenses. In September 2012 Angenieux was acknowledged with a CINEC Award for outstanding innovation in optics for the Optimo 45-120mm zoom lens. In November 2014, Thales Angenieux was honored to be the recipient of the BSC Bert Easey Technical Award, presented at the annual BSC Operators Night in London.