Bright Tangerine Revolvr & Misfit Atom Available for Pre Order


We are excited to announce that we are currently taking pre-orders for the new Revolvr, Revolvr Atom follow focus and Misfit Atom matte box. Initial shipping times for the Revolvr line is estimated for early April and mid March for the Misfit Atom.

Revolvr from Bright Tangerine on Vimeo.

Bright Tangerine has recently introduced three new and innovative products that you must check out. If you are familiar with Bright Tangerine, you know well that their matte boxes are held in high regard in the professional film industry. Now, they have branched out and developed two follow focus systems designed to be light, small and easy to modify on the fly. The Revolvr features 18mm wide core, dual handle and swing arm mounting allow you plenty of space for other accessories and operational flexibility. The smaller lightweight version, fittingly named, the Revolvr Atom is the single sided version of the Revolvr. The Revolvr Atom takes up even less space and is more affordable yet retains the dual swing arm mounting and over all build quality of the studio version. Both follow focus systems are compatible with a wide range of drive handles including the Revolvr handwheel, Revolvr Atom handwheel, 4D speedcrank and 270mm flex whip.

Misfit Atom from Bright Tangerine on Vimeo.

The most recent development from Bright Tangerine is the ultra lightweight Misfit Atom matte box. Perfect for use with camera systems mounted to hand held and aerial gimbals setups. The Misfit Atom only weighs 98 grams without the sun shade and maxes out at 198 grams with the shade on. That is 75% lighter than a standard Misfit or LMB25! Bright Tangerine has kept true to their typically build quality by milling the core from billet aluminum and incorporate elasto-polymers to maximized weight to strength ratio. The Misfit Atom features tray-less filter holders allowing you to mount up to two 4x4", 4x4.65" filters directly to the core. Standard mounting is made through a 114mm clamp on that can be adapted down in size with the use of the available selection of Misfit clamp on adapters. You can also mount the Misfit Atom to rods with Misfit 15mm lightweight, 15mm and 19mm studio brackets.