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  • ARRI Alexa, Amira, Trinity, & Maxima Demo Day - Atlanta GA


    Come join the Innocinema team and ARRI representatives on October 21st for an introductory training and demo day with free food and drinks!

    ARRI industry standard camera products such as the *NEW* ARRI Alexa SXT W, ARRI Alexa Mini, ARRI WCU-4 and Cforce Wireless Follow Focus, ARRI Master Grips, ARRI MAXIMA and TRINITY will be at the workshop for hands-on training. A variety of ARRI’s professional camera accessories (PCA) will also be on display.

    Please RSVP to the Event!

    This is Innocinema's ARRI dealership open house celebration event. This event is for anyone interested in getting some hands-on training with the film industry's leader in cinema & broadcast.

    Best Overall Image Quality

    ALEXA produces exceptional image quality with the organic look and feel of film, delivering incredible production value at an affordable cost. Images created with any ALEXA contain all the ingredients for best overall image quality: a tall Super 35 sensor, high dynamic range, sharp and natural images, high sensitivity, natural color reproduction, excellent color separation and the absence of artifacts.

    To create such outstanding images, all components of the ALEXA imaging chain are custom designed by ARRI engineers and carefully tuned for optimal performance: the optical low pass filter, the CMOS sensor, the electronics hardware imaging engine and the image processing software.


    The new Stabilized Remote Head SHR-3 fills a niche while offering top quality and performance. The SRH-3 is a three-axis fully stabilized remote head allowing for cameras to go where no person can with increased flexibility and ease. Whether it be on set, in a studio, or at an event, our new intelligent and adaptive Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 has the full force of ARRI technology behind it.

    • Smart & Adaptive System

    To provide outstanding stabilization, the motors inside the ARRI Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 can compensate for external centrifugal force by adding extra motor power. SRH-3 can also be remote controlled with its newly designed, joystick based ARRI SRH-3 control board, with optional wheels.

    • Budget Friendly

    When working with high-end image capturing systems, there is no sense in compromising on a stabilized remote head due to the price tag. The ARRI Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 has taken expense into consideration. Despite its premium features, this stabilized head is very budget friendly.

    • Future Proof Workflows

    The ARRI Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 is perfectly compatible with other ARRI products and workflows, but can also be used with a variety of competing brands. ARRI stands behind its products, continually offering years of service and updates to users.

    Please see the below equipment list breakdown.

    • • ARRI Alexa SXT-W
    • • ARRI Alexa Mini
    • • ARRI AMIRA
    • • ARRI Master Anamorphic
    • • ARRI Alura 30-80 / T2.8
    • • ARRI Master Grips
    • • ARRI Maxima Gimbal
    • • ARRI Trinity / Steadicam Rig
    • • ARRI WCU-4 & Cforce Wireless Follow Focus
    • • ARRI Follow Focus FF-5 Cine Set
    • • ARRI LMB-4x5 Matte box
    • • ARRI SMB2 4x5.65 Matte Box
    • • OConnor 1030D Tripod
    • • Sachtler Video 18 S2 Tripod
    • • INOVATIV Scout 37 Cart
    • • INOVATIV Echo 48 Cart
    • • SmallHD 17in Production Monitor
    • • SmallHD 24in Production Monitor
    • • Teradek Bolt 500
    • • Teradek Cube 655
    • • and much more!
  • Zeiss - CP.2 Lens Set - SALE

    Zeiss-CP2-Sale-off-facebookInnocinema & Carl Zeiss are pleased to announce a special offer on the CP.2 lenses! Lenses must be purchased in the pre-set bundles, no mix or matching.  Available in EF or PL versions!  There are two options available.  Both sets contain five focal lengths:

    Offer 1: Zeiss - CP.2 Lens Set (T2.9 - T2.1) - EF or PL Mount

    CP.2 15/T2.9
    CP.2 25/T2.1
    CP.2 35/T1.5
    CP.2 50/T1.5
    CP.2 85/T1.5

    List Price = $22,170 SALE PRICE = $15,607.68

    Offer 2: Zeiss - CP.2 Super Speed Lens Set (T2.9 - T1.5) - EF or PL Mount

    CP.2 15/T2.9
    CP.2 25/T2.1
    CP.2 35/T1.5
    CP.2 50/T1.5
    CP.2 85/T1.5

    List Price = $24,100 SALE PRICE = $19,087.20

  • Innocinema - Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday SALE!!



    unknownINNOCINEMA FEATURED SALE: UP TO 12% OFF select Pro Camera Accessories, Lenses, and more from ARRI. Inc !




    echo36kit ranger36kit_1 scout37kit

    Innocinema SCL Equipment Finance

  • RED EPIC-W & WEAPON HELIUM 8K S35 35.4 Megapixel shipping!

    EPIC-W & WEAPON HELIUM 8K S35img_3581Innocinema is excited to announce the arrival of the newest addition to the RED family, the EPIC-W and WEAPON HELIUM, both sporting the new and improved HELIUM 8K S35 sensor. Besides the jaw dropping increase in pixel resolution, this new sensor uses a revolutionary new color science that will set a new standard to the power behind RED's imagery. Its something you have to see to believe...

    Our first shipment of EPIC-Ws are here today (above), October 11th, as promised! Some of our lucky customers will be among the first in the world to see it today as people come to pick up and others are shipped out. For those of you still on the fence, or just now learning of this revolution, check out the below videos to see a small taste of what this new sensor has in store.

    Innocinema is an official RED Digital Cinema Authorized Dealer. We have priority allocation on these new cameras and have already placed stock orders prior to this launch. We still have some slots left. However, these are filling up extremely fast! These are shipping rather quickly, so if you act now and place an order at either of these EPIC-W or WEAPON HELIUM 8K S35 customizable "Build Your Own Package" links, we likely can have your order fulfilled much sooner!

    The Underdog | Shot on WEAPON with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor

    Behind the scenes of “The Underdog | Shot on WEAPON with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor”

    RED HELIUM 8K S35The EPIC-W and WEAPON HELIUM 8K S35 boasts a huge 35.4 megapixel sensor.  The WEAPON HELIUM 8K S35 gives filmmakers the freedom to capture 8K 2.4:1 at up to 75 frames per second (fps), and 8K Full Frame at 60 fps. The EPIC-W captures 8K 2.4:1 and Full Frame at 30 fps. Both have 16.5+ stops of dynamic range, 3.3 lbs (BRAIN with Integrated Media Bay), and Integrated REDLINK WiFi Antenna. Their enhanced design features a number of enhancements including automatic black shade calibrations, improved low light sensor performance, and an intelligent OLPF system. EPIC-W and WEAPON HELIUM 8K S35 cameras are also equipped to support 3D LUTs—giving colorists and post production teams more control than ever before.


    Sensor size overview chart - Click to enlarge.


    Capturing at higher resolutions creates more immersive and evocative imagery—and RED has been the industry standard for high quality imaging since igniting the 4K revolution in 2007. RED sensors capture up to 17x more resolution than HD while shooting in 8K and 9x more resolution while shooting in 6K. From the finest details to the most expansive vistas, everything comes to life with unprecedented realism—offering you more creative flexibility in post, better VFX, smoother lines, and future-proofed footage as formats evolve.


    RED sensors offer over 16 stops of dynamic range, something that was once thought impossible for a digital motion camera. Wide latitude provides cinematographers and photographers with the ability to take on challenging lighting conditions without the need for excessive filtration—making it easier to take on the unpredictable and capture the unbelievable.



    Shooting RAW has never been this easy. RED’s proprietary REDCODE RAW file format, also referred to simply as R3D, gives you maximum flexibility during post. R3D files can be used within industry standard post-production suites for editing, VFX, conforming, and grading. The structure of R3D data allows for non-destructive editing—maintaining the integrity of the original footage while maximizing image quality and reducing storage requirements. In addition, our DSMC2 cameras offer even greater creative freedom via their ability to simultaneously record in both R3D and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD.


    RED cameras pack the same detail you expect from a DSLR into a cinema camera, allowing you to seamlessly pull stills from any of your video shoots. Our RED sensors produce up to 35 million pixels in any shot, blurring the line between motion and still cameras—giving you the best of both worlds.


    RED cameras are engineered from the ground up to deliver cutting-edge performance in any environment. Whether you build your camera to be as lightweight as possible, or work with a complex studio configuration, our cameras will deliver cinema-quality images and professional-grade stills wherever your journey takes you.


    RED is committed to placing adaptable, high-end creative tools in the hands of professionals everywhere. We offer a variety of upgrade paths to cutting-edge products, accessory compatibility within our camera families, and imagery that is ready for the next generation of high resolution displays. We recognize shooters should have the option to move between camera systems without having to purchase all new gear and this makes us relentless in our mission to make OBSOLESCENCE OBSOLETE.

    lifestyle_3_blogDSMC Lens Mount: (EPIC-W does not come with lens mount, lens mount required)


    RED Touch Monitor, EVF, & Accessories:
    RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 RED TOUCH 7.0" Aluminum LCD
    RED Digital Cinema DSMC² RED TOUCH 4.7” LCD
    RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 LEMO ADAPTOR COLLECTION (mounts DSMC2 monitor off camera)

    Camera Modules:
    RED Digital Cinema DSMC² BASE EXPANDER
    OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD Specialized “Base Expander like” Modules

    Battery Modules: (fits on back of Base Expander-like modules)
    Wooden Camera Cableless
    RED DSMC2 V-Lock
    RED Digital Cinema DSMC² BASE I/O V-LOCK EXPANDER (not compatible with add on modules)

    Camera Media: (512gb version or greater required to work with faster data rate options)
    RED Digital Cinema RED MINI-MAG 512GB
    RED Digital Cinema RED MINI-MAG 512GB (4-PACK)

    Mounting, Cage, & Handle Options:
    RED Digital Cinema DSMC² TOP HANDLE (Cableless Start & Stop button)
    RED Digital Cinema DSMC² OUTRIGGER HANDLE (Cableless Start & Stop button)
    Wooden Camera Options

    Custom Laser Cut Hard Case:
    RED Digital Cinema WEAPON Package Case
    RED Digital Cinema SCARLET-W Package Case

    Extended Warranties: (Can only be added during initial purchase)
    RED ARMOR - EPIC-W Extended total 3-Year Warranty
    RED Armor - WEAPON 8k Helium Extended total 3-Year Warranty

    Innocinema SCL Equipment Finance

  • OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD & AKS Systems now at Innocinema


    Extend the functionality and features of your RED® WEAPON, SCARLET-W & RAVEN DSMC2 cameras with advanced signal and power I/O and lens control integrated OMOD™ camera modules from OFFHOLLYWOOD. The first authorized 3rd Party modules for RED DSMC2 cameras.


    Directly attach an OMOD TX wireless video transmitter to any OMOD and then attach any DSMC2 compatible battery module onto the back of the OMOD TX for cable free wireless video transmission.


    OMOD TX MR (medium range) pairs with existing TERADEK BOLT 600 or PARALINX Arrow-X receivers and OMOD TX LR (long range) pairs with existing TERADEK BOLT 2000 or PARALINX TOMAHAWK receivers. In addition, both OMOD TX MR and OMOD TX LR will pair with TERADEK Bolt Sidekick Receivers.



    Integrated, internal RF lens control receiver options are available from cmotion and RTmotion/Latitude. Choose between cmotion compact/LCS, cmotion cvolution or RTmotion compatible OMOD models.


    All OMOD models feature the standard DSMC 6-pin LEMO for DC power input to be fully compatible with legacy DSMC battery plate solutions and are also compatible with any DSMC2 Battery Module such as DSMC² REDVOLT XL MODULE or the Element Technica W – V Mount Battery Module and the W – Gold Mount Battery Module.



    Command, Control and Communications between the camera, cinematographer and crew on the connected set with The C3 Engine.

    The C3 Engine is cortex of the OMOD project. It is the post-modern, new-school film lab. On the camera. Designed with a flexible, customizable architecture powered by an independent processor and powerful FPGA in constant communication with the camera and connected applications.

    OMOD models with The C3 Engine feature advanced signal path options and color processing functionality with three independent HDSDI outputs. The DSMC2's HDMI monitor path is converted to 10 bit HDSDI with re-embedded timecode. CDL/1024 1D LUTs and 33x33x33 3D LUTs with ACES compliance, all in realtime, wirelessly to the camera. Realtime resolution and frame-rate conversions including 1080 60i output.



    Output the leading HDR display standard, SMPTE 2084, real-time HDR images while shooting in addition to simultaneous monitoring standard dynamic range (SDR).



    The C3 Engine is integrated with industry leading live-grading solutions Pomfort LiveGrade and CODEX Live and QTAKE Advanced Video Assist. Grade CDLs, and 3D LUTs live and wireless direct to the camera from a laptop or iOS device. Additional integrations are in the works.


    The C3 Engine shares that same API and color processing hardware as Teredek's COLR. All functions that are, or become enabled on the COLR will be enabled in any OMOD model with The C3 Engine. Multiple OMODs can sync looks between each other and also sync with Teradek COLR units on other cameras.


    CalMAN Studio with C6 Colorimeter

    OFFHOLLYWOOD and SpectraCal have collaborated to make any OMOD the ultimate calibration weapon. SpectraCal’s CalMAN software, the industry standard for ensuring accuracy in video displays, directly drives any OMOD that featured the The C3 Engine, providing an automatic and seamless experience. The OMOD delivers the necessary video test patterns at CalMAN’s direction. CalMAN measures the display’s output, creates a 3D display correction LUT, and loads it into the OMOD onto any specific SDI monitor output path allowing three independent outputs with monitor specific calibration LUTs.



    The C3 Engine includes an integrated AMBIENT ACN TimeCode Module for receive/transmit and sync timecode wirelessly to any AMBIENT ACN slate or device like the Tiny Lockit or Master Lockit. Internally generated genlock assure precise shutter sync with the timecode.


    Constantly communicating with the RED DSMC2 camera brain via REDLINK Command Protocol (RCP), the processor on The C3 Engine is constantly aware of all of the camera settings and can parse and even create RCP commands for custom functionality.


    The C3 Engine has a master / slave port that allows you to connect DSMC2 cameras together with one cable and and have another camera in "slave mode" and replicate all, or any specific defined parameters from the master camera, ideal for 3D applications.

    They are currently in development on the OMOD-VR BRAIN, which is small box that allows up to 12 OMODs with The C3 Engine to plug into it with a single cable from OME's Master / Slave port and give granular master slave control from one master camera to up to 11 slave cameras for VR and panorama productions - all with perfectly sync'd shutters and timecode.



    The C3 Engine features a micro-sd card which can be used to load and store additional CDLs and 3D LUTs in addition to capturing meta data from external serial devices or integrated lens control systems. The C3 Engine's dual-band WiFi can be configured to push the captured data to the cloud without disturbing the camera functions or control via the cameras own internal WiFi.



    OMOD models that feature OMOD PRO AUDIO have best-in-class pre-amps, push-to-operate controls, high pass filters, AES digital audio input and per channel line / mic levels and Phantom power (+48V) empowering documentary filmmakers and ENG operators with professional, high quality in-camera audio.

    AKS DSMC2 Camera Accessories, kits, and Cables


    DSMC2 Standard Top Plate: The OFFHOLLYWOOD DSMC2 Standard Top Plate is a low profile (10mm high) top cheese-plate that attaches to any DSMC2 camera brain via 1/4-20 screws.

    It has 58 x 1/4-20 threaded mounting holes and 5 3/8-16 threaded mounting holes with ARRI accessory alignment patterns.

    Pogo pins allow run / stop trigger from DSMC2 handles that feature integrated record start/stop buttons and allow handles to be reversed and extend in the direction of the lens. Attach the RED 7" or 4.7" Touchscreen or LEMO Adapter without interference with the plate.

    DSMC2 Riser Plate: The OFFHOLLYWOOD DSMC2 Riser Plate shims your DSMC2 camera up to standard accessory height standard bridge plates.

    DSMC2 SIDE ARMS: Use OFFHOLLYWOOD DSMC2 SIDE ARMS to make a cage with our Riser and Top Plate options.

    Choose or combine three options:

    Wide - our most popular arm clears the SSD Module on the Operator side of the camera and features (2) angles 3/8-16 holes in addition to (5) ARRI patterned 3/8-16 holes and (8) 1/4-20 holes. Can be used on both sides of the camera. (** improved design shipping June 1st)

    Standard - this low profile arm clears the SIDEKICK and features (7) ARRI patterned 3/8-16 holes and (12) 1/4-20 holes. Can be used with or without an OMOD and can only be used on the "AC side" of the camera.

    OMOD Low Profile - this arm is designed specifically for using an OMOD with your DSMC2 camera. Ultra-low profile that mounts in the space typically taken by RED's Base Expanders connectors - features (4) ARRI patterned 3/8-16 holes and (6) 1/4-20 holes

    DSMC2 SIDE PLATE: This bracket attaches to any top plate or riser with 9mm spaced 1/4-20's. It features two captive 1/4-20 screws and have 1 x 3/8-16 tapped hole with ARRI pattern and 9 x 1/4-20 tapped holes with 9mm spacing. This plate can also be used to screw down horizontally onto a top plate or cheeseplate to add a 3/8-16mm tapped hole w/ARRI pattern.

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