- Final Cut Pro Takes On Native RED Footage

Good news! If you are running running Final Cut Pro X, or Final Cut Pro 7, theRED Apple Workflow Installer v2.0 provides the RED FCP X plug-in, RED QuickTime codec, and Log and Transfer plug-in for FCP functionality to import REDCODE RAW clips as either native REDCODE media.

Import RED media directly into Final Cut Pro X and start editing right away with native support for .r3d files. Convert to either ProRes 4444 or ProRes Proxy in the background while you work, and use the optional RED ROCKET card to accelerate transcode, render, and playback. Even adjust essential debayer and color settings to get the look you need without leaving Final Cut Pro.

Video below from RED Digital Cinema

RED Apple Workflow: Introducing the FCP X Plugin from RED Digital Cinema on Vimeo.

    For more information visit Apple or join the discussion at REDuser