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Starting today, when you order any Nila lighting product, get FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world when you order from Innocinema! Simply check the FREE SHIPPING option at the check out page. Nila is the industry leader in environmentally sustainable, high-brightness LED fixtures durable enough to meet the needs of the harshest production situations.

Nila fixtures are versatile and user friendly, producing tremendous light output, good color-rendering, and cradle-to-cradle sustainability. The Nila product line sets a new standard for the industry and can be used in a variety of applications, from high speed videography, controlled event lighting and architectural up-lighting. Nila products are RoHS compliant (no toxic heavy metals), exceed Energy-Star standards and can be returned for re-purposing and/or recycling when you’re done using them. Compared to standard HMI and tungsten fixtures, Nila LED lighting uses considerably less power while providing the equivalent light from standard HMI and tungsten fixtures. By example, the Nila Varsa only uses 75 watts when outputting the equivalent of a 400 watt HMI or 600 watt tungsten fixture.

All Nila fixtures are available in tungsten (3400K) and daylight (5800K) color balance, with the longest throw of any LED lighting system available, along with variety of high value features listed below:

  • -On-board dimmer with built in back lit display (0%-100%)
  • -Flicker free up to 1500 fps at full dim range
  • -Flicker free at any speed at 100% output
  • -DMX controllable
  • -RJ45 networking capable
  • -Instant on cold starts
  • -Color accurate from fixture to fixture
  • -Stable color through entire dim range
  • -No UV or IR emission
  • -Long-life LEDs (20,000+ hours)
  • -ETL and CE compliant
  • -Extremely low power consumption
  • -2 year manufacture's limited warranty

Innocinema offers all four lighting fixtures and accessories from NIla in a variety of configurable listings. Visit our Build Your Own Lighting category to order and be sure to select FREE SHIPPING when checking out!