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NAB2014 tour with Innocinema and ActionProducts in 4K

nab show 2014

Last year at NAB in Las Vegas, Justin and Daryl Goff took a few minutes to walk the showroom floor to check out all the new gear from companies like Matthews Studio Equipment, SmallHD, and Wooden Camera. Justin set out with his ActionCam Raptor Pro, a modular camera stabilizer produced by ActionProducts - equipped with a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K to document the voyage through the busy exhibit halls. The sequence was shot completely with a Schneider Optics Cine-Xenar III 25mm/T2.2 cinema lens supported by a lightweight Bright Tangerine VIV matte box. This demo rig was on display at the Innocinema/ActionProducts booth last year and was a key interest for aspiring operators and seasoned professionals alike, looking for a high quality stabilizer suited for a variety of today's lightweight digital cameras like the BMPC 4K.

NAB2014 with Innocinema & ActionProducts from ActionProducts on Vimeo.

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- The New Nila Zaila Available Now!

Nila's recently released their newest LED lighting fixture! The Zaila is a lightweight and compact LED fixture that can meet today’s highly-demanding lighting challenges. At only $999 for the Zaila Deluxe Kit (in daylight and tungsten configurations), offers all of the features found in other Nila lights such as on-board, DMX controllable dimming; holographic lenses AC/DC input, barn doors and an extremely robust design.

Nila Zaila

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- Nila JNH Demo

The JNH is the light you need in place of those hot and hungry 200W HMIs or 350W tungsten fixtures.  You can even stack the JNH light modules in various configurations so you're ready for any application.  Add the innovative Nilalens system and optional accessories like Chimera adapters and barn door kits and you can build the exact light you need every single time.


JNH Dimension Drawing 523


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