- New Nila Varsa LED Lighting Kits!

varsa_front_batt_barnWe are excited to announce our recent addition of Nila's newest lighting fixture, the Varsa, to our catalog at Innocinema! The Nila Varsa is the next step in the evolution of LED lighting.  

It's an excellent replacement for a 400 watt HMI or a 600 watt tungsten fixture, while drawing a mere 75 watts at 100 percent. The Varsa gives you a lot of punch in a small package.  Absolutely no flicker at 100% and flicker-free up to 1500 FPS for full dim range. It's the first light in the Nila line that can accept DC voltage directly through  v-mount or gold mount battery adaptors. That's right, no more inverters. Just connect your own 10-18 volt battery and you're ready to go. The perfect solution just got better!   varsa_eng_600x450The Varsa series has plenty of accessories available to you. Nila has holographic lenses, hard gels, barn doors and soft boxes to really get the control out of your lighting kit that you need. We will be adding the Varsa motorized repositioning yoke and wireless remote  when they become available by April 2013!    


  Check out all the Nila Lighting fixtures specifications and product images at Innocinema.com today!