NILA Boxer Deluxe Kits - WINTER SALE!


NILA Boxer Deluxe Kits on Sale Now from Innocinema!

Regular Price $3,999; SALE PRICE $3,399 ($600 SAVINGS!!) 

The NILA Boxer Deluxe Kit provides you with a daylight balanced LED, six holographic lenses, four grades of CTO gel, and more!  Flicker-free up to 5000 FPS for full dim range.  When light is at 100%, output is flicker-free at any frame rate.

Nila's roots lie in the world of film and television, so it should be no surprise that Nila's lights are well-suited to the grueling needs of production.  Frugal line producer? Nila's fixtures give you more bang for your buck than comparable HMI and filament lights. Location shoot? You won't even need a genny. Just plug your Nila lights into any household outlet and start shooting.  Shooting second unit stunts? No worries. Nila's lights are built to withstand the roughest treatment by stuntmen, drivers, and grips.

Included in the NILA Boxer Deluxe Kit

  • - 1x Boxer fixture - in daylight or tungsten
  • - 1x Boxer barn door kit
  • - 6x Boxer holographic film lenses
  • - 4x Boxer hard gels - in CTO or CTB
  • - 1x Boxer lens pouch





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