- Nila JNH Demo

The JNH is the light you need in place of those hot and hungry 200W HMIs or 350W tungsten fixtures.  You can even stack the JNH light modules in various configurations so you're ready for any application.  Add the innovative Nilalens system and optional accessories like Chimera adapters and barn door kits and you can build the exact light you need every single time.  

If you happen to be interested in the JNH lighting system, check out the video below from Jim Sanfilippo, Nila's CEO, for a quick demo of the JNH.  

Below you can find theNila JNH light diagram and the beam spread illustration for the JNH system. And be sure to check out our selection of Nila lighting kits and accessories at Innocinema!


JNH Dimension Drawing 523