RED Digital Cinema, Innocinema, ActionProducts, Demo in NEW Atlanta Office & Cine Gear Expo 2015


Innocinema's USA headquarters has officially moved to the Atlanta, GA area and is excited to open its doors for the first time with a demo day featuring some cool gear from RED Digital Cinema, ActionProducts, Schneider Optics, and Bright Tangerine. We also will be attending Cine Gear Expo 2015 at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA USA this year.

  • - Atlanta Demo Day May 29th : 1351 Oakbrook Dr., Suite 160, Norcross, GA 30093
  • - Cine Gear June 5th & 6th : Booth: L401

Both events are listed on our Facebook page. Please RSVP to both, but especially our Atlanta demo day, since we want to make sure we have enough food and drinks for everyone.

  We will be doing training and demonstration for the following products.


We are also extremely excited to announce we are a representative and channel partner for RED Digital Cinema here in Atlanta, GA! We are here to help with all your RED sales and support needs. No RED products will show any prices or be able to be checked out on our website. If you are interested in purchasing, please call or come into our office for a quote. Everyone that comes to visit ether event in Atlanta or Cine Gear and signs in with your information, will receive a discount credit up to 20% off for one purchase of their choice out of our 7,000+ product options on - (The discount % amount will depend or your selection of products due to our margins and MAP regulations and restrictions for some brands.)    


We are going to have the REDONE, RED SCARLET DRAGON, and RED EPIC-X DRAGON on demo at our Atlanta Demo Day. So be sure to come by and see the amazing progression in technology RED has made over the years. Today, the DRAGON Shoots an amazing 6K resolution. Each 6K frame is a 19 megapixel RAW image, which is up to 9x more pixels than 1080p HD. The amount of picture detail found in a 6K image goes beyond that of 35mm, comparing only to 65mm in image density. RED DRAGON sensors have a native dynamic range of over 16.5+ stops, giving you a huge advantage in challenging lighting conditions. We have orders in the for WEAPON and will have those in when they are shipping.     electra_abplate_2_1

ActionProducts has been making professional modular video and power distribution solutions for the EPIC since it came out. Today all your needs and wants are covered. Since its modular, you are able to buy as little or as much functionality as you need on your terms. Everything from 12 and 24 volt accessory outputs, hot swap internal battery, multiple HD-SDI signal outputs, wireless video output, BNC sync signal connections, right / left cheese plate options, TopRail grip, EVF mounts, and much more. ActionProducts is currently working directly with RED to insure support on the upcoming WEAPON as well.        


ActionProducts was founded back in 1996 from making the first fully modular camera stabilizers with a back mounted vest. Today the ActionCam Raptor and Rebel lines cover a weight range from 8lbs-77lbs. The ActionCam Rebel is great for heavier needs, like with 3D setups, ARRI Alexa, Film Cameras, etc holding 11lbs - 77lbs with options for 12v and 24v camera and accessory powering. The ActionCam Raptor is designed with the same quality standard as the Rebel at a much cheaper price that works great with lighter professional setups like the EPIC, ARRI Mini, etc holding 8lbs - 38lbs.            


As professional cameras are getting lighter and smaller, so are stabilizers. The newest popular stabilizer technology are with brushless gimbals that are handheld. While these are great tools, their biggest weakness is lack of vertical stabilization and the heavy weight of them that is both distracting and makes long shots impossible. The ActionProducts RUNNER solves these weaknesses completely. Its modular, so its very easy to configure for any need allowing you to easily fit though door ways and have a full boom range that matches your own ability of your arms.       lr-xenon_ff_prime_group-email

These high quality lenses are purpose built for digital cinematography with today’s HDSLR and other cameras, the new Xenon full-frame lenses are designed for 4K resolution and higher. They elegantly cover the full 45mm image circle that’s usable on Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D800 cameras, as well as RED Cameras. 100mm and 25mm focal lengths are now available and will be here for demo on our Atlanta Demo Day.                4_1369128685_51003_1

Bright Tangerine designed their matte boxes based on a huge amount of feedback from working professionals. They wanted them to be simple to use, allowing you to have more time to be creative. When they design a matte box, they design it to be a valuable investment. Bright Tangerine built them from the best materials they could find, including an exceptionally strong form of carbon fibre, and a hard anodized aluminum. The combination of design and materials makes each matte box incredibly robust and extremely light. As well as being durable, they wanted them to be flexible and upgradable. With numerous unique features and upgrade options, they offer long-term value and reliability.           IMG_1951

Come see our new office serving the Atlanta, GA area with sales of well over 7 thousand products as well as growing rental support. We are in Norcross right off of I85 with easy access into and from Atlanta. Our Atlanta Demo day May 29th, will be hosted here, so be sure to come by and see our new space. 1351 Oakbrook Dr., Suite 160, Norcross, GA 30093.