Rhino Camera Gear - NEW at Innocinema!

Here at Innocinema, we take great pride in the high quality products we offer to professional filmmakers. Rhino Camera Gear products are no different. From sliders to rigs, you can effortlessly convey your story from start to finish with smooth, simple maneuvers.

The Ultimate Motorized Slider

Simple. Compact. Versatile.

Camera movement made simple. Capture stunning live motion and time lapse with our all new motorized camera slider.


Rhino Motion

Live Motion & Time Lapse

Rhino Slider EVO integrates seamlessly with Rhino Motion. Capture ultra smooth Live Motion and amazingly precise time lapses with a single motor. A built-in 7-hour battery lets you shoot all day.

Movement reimagined

A new, better way to move your slider. Simply turn the wheel to move your camera. The farther you turn, the faster it goes. It's as simple as that.

Set up a time lapse in minutes

Rhino Motion makes creating a time lapse extremely simple. Capturing the Milky Way is as easy as attaching the included camera cable and setting up your shot.

Interchangeable Rails

More than just a single slider

Shoots often require a variety of tools to tell your story. With Rhino Slider EVO, you have the flexibility to change between Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel Rails. This allows you to easily upgrade your slider to carry more weight or get a longer move without buying an entirely new slider.

Film without limits

Choose either a 100lb load capacity or an ultra-lightweight 4lb setup. At the end of the day, swap to longer rails for night-time time lapse.

Versatility comes standard

Flush folding all-terrain legs come standard on every Rhino Slider EVO. Be confident in your slider off-tripod and set up your shot faster.

Setup Faster

The spring loaded legs and built-in indexing marks make setup quick on any terrain.


Strong Carriage Brake

Move Confidently

The integrated carriage brake allows you to secure the carriage at any place on the rail and only takes a quick turn to engage.

Camera Mounting Options

Rhino Slider EVO comes standard with a 3/8" stud on the carriage to mount any standard 3/8" flat based ball or fluid head. Below are some of the most popular cameras used on Rhino Slider.

RED-Carbon Gh4-Carbon FS700-Carbon A7S-Carbon BMC-Carbon (1)

When should I use a motorized slider?

Motorized sliders are great tools, but are they the right one?

Motorized sliders allow you to do camera moves that are nearly impossible to do manually. But, that doesn't mean that it's the perfect tool for the job every time.

When to use a motorized slider

VFX work

If you're doing any move that needs absolute precision or repeatability, there's no other way to do it than with a motorized slider. We have a number of filmmakers that do VFX work all day long, and you just can't rely on your hands to repeat a move that's going to be used in a composite.


Time Lapse

Some people attempt to do a time lapse by hand, which is excruciating. They will sit next to their slider with their iPhone as a timer and little sharpie marks as position indicators, moving their camera every 10 seconds.

You need to use a motorized slider for time lapses, especially if you're taking long exposures and you want your motion controller to trigger your exposure. In Rhino Motion, setting up your time lapse to trigger your camera is insanely simple. It does all of the math for you so you don't have to calculate your interval, or even how long your time lapse should last, to get the duration of clip you want in post.

Ultimate Smoothness

If you've felt Rhino Slider with Flywheel, it's pretty darn smooth. Motion takes it a step further. There are some things a complex algorithm can do that the human hand simply cannot. In Turn Wheel to Slide, we use a magnetic encoder and a proprietary algorithm to deliver smoothness that's unheard of. It's dampened just enough so you don't introduce unwanted jerks but responsive enough to change direction quickly.

When not to use a motorized slider

No access to power

To use a motorized slider, you have to have access to power. Whether that's to charge the internal battery of Rhino Motion or if it's a spare external battery for powering long time lapses, you have to have juice to make it run. It's something you have to work into your workflow and plan for. You never want to run out of battery, especially when you're doing a time lapse.

Ultimate simplicity

Although Rhino Motion actually improves your workflow and setup time as a filmmaker, some camera slider users prefer a purely mechanical solution. That's why we developed the Flywheel. It doesn't use batteries and is the simplest solution if you want a smooth slide and aren't considering doing time lapse. We have a lot of filmmakers that purchase both Motion and Flywheel and use the one that works best for their schedule that day.


Brian Russell, our on-staff filmmaker at Rhino, had a major aversion to anything electronic when it comes to his slide. That is, until he came on staff and got to experience Rhino Motion as it was being developed. Over the 6 months that it took shape, you could see his interest growing and a small smile would creep up every time he tested it out. By the end of the project, he wasn't using his hands anymore to move his slider. 100% of his shoots were done with Rhino Motion. This is saying a lot because Brian is the ultimate simplistic filmmaker. Unless it works for him, he doesn't bring it.

Check out the video below to see filmmaker Craig Flood talk about his first experiences with using a motorized slider.

Support Options

Compare Sliders

Core 24" Evo Carbon 24" Evo Carbon 42" Evo Pro 24" Evo Pro 42"
WEIGHT 3lbs 10oz 4lbs 4lbs 4oz 7lbs 6oz 10lbs 7oz
LOAD CAPACITY 15lbs 15lbs 7lbs 100lbs 50lbs
RECOMMENDED SUPPORT Manfrotto MT190X3 Manfrotto 755XB Manfrotto BeFree Compact Travel Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Manfrotto 546B or 132XNB
TRIPOD MOUNTING Center and Ends Center and Ends Center and Ends Center and Ends Center and Ends
ARC CAPABLE No Yes Yes Yes Yes
MOTION LOAD CAPACITY 25 lbs horizontal / 5 lbs at 20 degrees

Rhino Rig

Infinitely adjustable

The ultimate all-day shoulder rig. Built for every camera and shooting style. Shoot in comfort with the custom-fitting shoulder rest.


Precise, Quick Positioning

Rhino Rig is designed to move to fit your shooting style. With over 34 stainless steel ARRI standard rosettes, every joint is made to articulate to fit your body and camera setup perfectly. Whether you’re viewing your shot through on-camera LCD or through an external monitor, Rhino Rig can adjust to place the camera either in front of your eyes or over your shoulder.


Custom-Fitting Shoulder Rest

Rhino Rig’s shoulder rest has three locking segments that allow you to shape it to the size of your shoulder. Each segment has ultra soft rubber pads that distribute the weight of your setup which lets you film longer and in comfort that lasts all day. 

Integrated, Removable Cage

The Cage adds multiple hand grip options and protects your setup from damage. Use the top handle to get a low-to-the-ground shot or to carry your rig around set. The top of the cage features two built-in cold shoes and multiple ¼-20 and ⅜-16 mounting holes for mounting accessories like microphones and external monitors.


Built-in Carbon Fiber Rails

Mount accessories like a matte box or follow focus to Rhino Rig using the built-in industry standard 15mm rails. Made of precision ground carbon fiber, they are super rigid and work with any accessory designed around the 15mm standard (spaced 60mm apart).

Easy Camera Mounting

Mounting your camera to Rhino Rig is easy. Two mounting screws are included (¼-20 and ⅜-16). Most cameras use just the ¼-20, but some use both for securely mounting your camera. Once the screw is hand tight, use the built-in tightening bar to lock down your camera for the day.

Custom Molded Hand Grips

The custom molded hand grips on Rhino Rig are like no other. Using the best thermoplastic rubber imported from Germany, the grips repel sweat and let you carry your rig confidently. They are also adjustable and can mount directly to the baseplate if you want a more compact setup.