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Introducing Strummer DNA, a revolutionary matte box. Designed for high-end studio productions, the Strummer is the professional’s choice. The swing-away feature allows for fast and easy lens changes so you have more time to focus on what’s important. The quick release filter stages can be added or removed in seconds so you won’t have to wait around or carry a spare matte box. Add as many stages as you need, or remove them to improve exceptional depth of field. Filter stages rotate through 360 degrees so you can set your ND grads in the right position, or adjust your polarizer to the perfect angle.

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ARRI Alexa Mini Modular Power Hot Swap & Cage Package from ActionProducts

ActionProducts ARRI Alexa Mini Modular Package Introducing the world's best, and fully modular solution, ready to provide you with as little or as much functionality as you need for your ARRI Alexa Mini. Everything from a full cage solution with top, side, and shoulder mount handles, all side cheese plates, top and bottom 15mm lightweight mounts with riser for bridge plates, accessory power distribution (12 & 24 Volt) with internal battery hot swap / block battery input hot swap, and HDMI / HD-SDI distribution both with wireless and extra power enhanced video outs. With the ability to re-use many highly accepted and adopted modules from the ActionProducts RED EPIC Modular Package, (used in countless high budget productions for over 3 years), you can feel confident in its quality and reliability. To simplify, we categorized these modules into four simple "Build Your Own" packages. To customize, all you need to do is select the options you want to add and take away the ones you don't need.

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NAB2014 tour with Innocinema and ActionProducts in 4K

nab show 2014

Last year at NAB in Las Vegas, Justin and Daryl Goff took a few minutes to walk the showroom floor to check out all the new gear from companies like Matthews Studio Equipment, SmallHD, and Wooden Camera. Justin set out with his ActionCam Raptor Pro, a modular camera stabilizer produced by ActionProducts - equipped with a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K to document the voyage through the busy exhibit halls. The sequence was shot completely with a Schneider Optics Cine-Xenar III 25mm/T2.2 cinema lens supported by a lightweight Bright Tangerine VIV matte box. This demo rig was on display at the Innocinema/ActionProducts booth last year and was a key interest for aspiring operators and seasoned professionals alike, looking for a high quality stabilizer suited for a variety of today's lightweight digital cameras like the BMPC 4K.

NAB2014 with Innocinema & ActionProducts from ActionProducts on Vimeo.

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- Save 10% off during our NAB SHOW wrap up sale!

nab 2014 wrap up sale

As NAB 2014 comes to a close this year, we would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth this year at NAB! To show our gratitude we want to kick off an end of show sale. Use the discount code: InnoNAB2014 to save 10% store wide, from April 9th until end of day April 11th!

- Visit Innocinema, ActionProducts, BeSteady, and Bright Tangerine at NAB 2014

We would like to invite everyone to visit us at NAB this year! Innocinema will be sharing a booth with Gecko-Cam, Bright Tangerine and BeSteady this year at booth C8540 and we have some exciting gear to show you this year. One in particular is the Voodoo Master that will allow you to get the most out of your Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Blackmagic Production Camera 4K with unparalleled functionality in a sexy and sinister compact unit.


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- The BeSteady FOUR handheld gyro stabilizer - now available for pre order at Innocinema!

BeSteady Four Gimbal

Innocinema is proud to announce it will be reselling and supporting all BeSteady hand-held stabilization gear. BeSteady, a company based in the U.K., known for its affordable and professional handheld camera stabilization solutions: the BeSteady One and most recently announced BeSteady Four "The Beast". Customers can purchase the BeSteady One and starting today, pre-order the BeSteady FOUR at Innocinema.com.

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- ActionProducts RED EPIC Modules for Dragon Sensor Upgrades

ActionProducts RED EPIC and SCARLET top plate

- Apollo Top Plate with fan grill shown. Includes mounting hardware.[/caption] The "Apollo" not only offers extra accessory mounting options by its various 1/4" and 3/8" threads but connects to the HD-SDI and the SYNC port of the camera - bringing these connections to the assistant side of the camera. The 4 BNC connections provide HD-SDI, SS/GPI, TC and GENLOCK. There are two accessory power connections on each side of the plate. On the left side: 1x 4pin LEMO (0B) 12V female connector (RED standard - unregulated battery power) and 1x 2pin LEMO (0B) 12V female connector (Arri standard - unregulated battery power). On the right side: 1x 2pin LEMO (0B) 12V female connector (Arri standard - unregulated battery power) and a 3pin Fischer 12/24* female connector (Arri standard - power only). * 24V provided when used with the Electra.

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