- The New Nila Zaila Available Now!

Nila's recently released their newest LED lighting fixture! The Zaila is a lightweight and compact LED fixture that can meet today’s highly-demanding lighting challenges. At only $999 for the Zaila Deluxe Kit (in daylight and tungsten configurations), offers all of the features found in other Nila lights such as on-board, DMX controllable dimming; holographic lenses AC/DC input, barn doors and an extremely robust design.

Nila Zaila

This amazing fixture provides the light output of a 200w HMI while only drawing 45w. It also features a choice of 6 quick-change holographic lenses providing the widest range of beams from 10 degrees to 80 plus degrees, 4 hard gels, 10 to 18 volt DC power inputs, external AC universal power supply and drop-in rotating barn doors all in a 5″ x 5″ x 5″ housing and weighing less than 5 lbs. (2.2Kg).!  Moreover, if the scene requires a softer light, this fixture includes built-in mounts for a standard, extra-small Chimera soft box. For greater portability, the optional yoke-mountable battery plate is offered in two versions to accommodate either a Gold or V-mount camera battery for 3-5+ hours of continuous light output.

Nila Zaila

A capability that will be of particular interest to the high-speed cinematographer is the Zaila’s firmware that allows for flicker-free operation at any dim level between 0-1500 fps and the ability to shoot flicker-free at any speed when the light output is set at 100%. So, if you are a photojournalist looking for a powerful ENG light source or a Director of Photography in need of a versatile and compact HMI replacement, a rental company or film school in need of a more durable and economical solution over filament luminaires, then the Zaila is your perfect choice. Check out our listings for the Zaila and associated accessories in the Lighting Category at Innocinema.com!