RED Digital Cinema DSMC² Module & Accessory Package - (DSMC² Brain not included)

This is a "build your own" customizable listing that overviews a wild range of recommended options for any RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 Camera. This includes. RED RAVEN, SCARLET-W, EPIC-W, and WEAPON. All these camera bodies use the same modules & accessories. So any of the listings you see below will work for all cameras. The DSMC2 brain is not included.

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RED Digital Cinema EPIC-W HELIUM 8K S35
RED Digital Cinema DSMC² Module & Accessory Package - (DSMC² Brain not included)

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    The EPIC-W and WEAPON HELIUM 8K S35 boasts a huge 35.4 megapixel sensor.  The WEAPON HELIUM 8K gives filmmakers the freedom to capture 8K 2.4:1 at up to 75 frames per second (fps), and 8K Full Frame at 60 fps. The EPIC-W captures 8K 2.4:1 and Full Frame at 30 fps. Both have 16.5+ stops of dynamic range, 3.3 lbs (BRAIN with Integrated Media Bay), and Integrated REDLINK WiFi Antenna. Their enhanced design features a number of enhancements: including automatic black shade calibrations, improved low light sensor performance, and an intelligent OLPF system. EPIC-W and WEAPON HELIUM 8K S35 cameras are also equipped to support 3D LUTs—giving colorists and post production teams more control than ever before.


    Capturing at higher resolutions creates more immersive and evocative imagery—and RED has been the industry standard for high quality imaging since igniting the 4K revolution in 2007. RED sensors capture up to 17x more resolution than HD while shooting in 8K and 9x more resolution while shooting in 6K. From the finest details to the most expansive vistas, everything comes to life with unprecedented realism—offering you more creative flexibility in post, better VFX, smoother lines, and future-proofed footage as formats evolve.


    RED sensors offer over 16 stops of dynamic range, something that was once thought impossible for a digital motion camera. Wide latitude provides cinematographers and photographers with the ability to take on challenging lighting conditions without the need for excessive filtration—making it easier to take on the unpredictable and capture the unbelievable.


    Shooting RAW has never been this easy. RED’s proprietary REDCODE RAW file format, also referred to simply as R3D, gives you maximum flexibility during post. R3D files can be used within industry standard post-production suites for editing, VFX, conforming, and grading. The structure of R3D data allows for non-destructive editing—maintaining the integrity of the original footage while maximizing image quality and reducing storage requirements. In addition, our DSMC2 cameras offer even greater creative freedom via their ability to simultaneously record in both R3D and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD.


    RED cameras pack the same detail you expect from a DSLR into a cinema camera, allowing you to seamlessly pull stills from any of your video shoots. Our RED sensors produce up to 35 million pixels in any shot, blurring the line between motion and still cameras—giving you the best of both worlds.


    RED cameras are engineered from the ground up to deliver cutting-edge performance in any environment. Whether you build your camera to be as lightweight as possible, or work with a complex studio configuration, our cameras will deliver cinema-quality images and professional-grade stills wherever your journey takes you.


    RED is committed to placing adaptable, high-end creative tools in the hands of professionals everywhere. We offer a variety of upgrade paths to cutting-edge products, accessory compatibility within our camera families, and imagery that is ready for the next generation of high resolution displays. We recognize shooters should have the option to move between camera systems without having to purchase all new gear and this makes us relentless in our mission to make OBSOLESCENCE OBSOLETE.

    Just one of the advantages of the DSMC2 lineup is the integration of the intelligent DSMC2 OLPF system. Now it is easier than ever to optimize your footage for your shooting environment—by quickly swapping out your optical low pass filter. Choose from our growing line of DSMC2 OLPF options including Standard, Low Light Optimized, Skin Tone-Highlight, or all three with the 3-Pack.

    STANDARD: This OLPF offers the perfect balance of light gathering and protective qualities for most shooting environments. It is the ideal OLPF for demanding shooting schedules, and balanced for both light and dark environments—ensuring you’re always ready to capture the perfect shot.

    SKIN TONE-HIGHLIGHT: This OLPF captures and preserves color quality in highlights, bright colors, and well-lit environments. It is the ideal OLPF for skin tones and best with lower ISO values.

    LOW LIGHT OPTIMIZED: This OLPF provides excellent color and tonal reproduction in dim to dark environments. Use this OLPF to capture and preserve color quality in mid-tones, darks, and shadows.


    • 1 x WEAPON BRAIN (Woven CF) w/ integrated media bay
    • 1 x DSMC AC Power Adaptor
    • 1 x DSMC MG PL Mount 2.0 - Magnesium
    • 1 x DSMC2 BRAIN Case
    • 1 x DSMC2 Sidekick - Woven CF
    • 1 x 2-Year Standard Warranty
    • Selected x DSMC2 OLPF w/ case
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    SENSOR TYPE HELIUM 35.4 Megapixel CMOS
    EFFECTIVE PIXELS 8192 x 4320
    SENSOR SIZE 29.90 mm x 15.77 mm (Diagonal: 33.80 mm)
    DYNAMIC RANGE 16.5+ stops
    MAX DATA RATES Up to 275 MB/s using RED MINI-MAG (512GB & 1TB)
    Up to 225 MB/s using RED MINI-MAG (120GB & 240GB)
    MAX FRAME RATES 30 fps at 8K Full Frame (8192 x 4320)
    30 fps at 8K 2.4:1 (8192 x 3456)
    30 fps at 7K Full Frame (7168 x 3780)
    40 fps at 7K 2.4:1 (7168 x 3024)
    75 fps at 6K Full Frame (6144 x 3240)
    100 fps at 6K 2.4:1 (6144 x 2592)
    96 fps at 5K Full Frame (5120 x 2700)
    120 fps at 5K 2.4:1 (5120 x 2160)
    120 fps at 4K Full Frame (4096 x 2160)
    150 fps at 4K 2.4:1 (4096 x 1728)
    150 fps at 3K Full Frame (3072 x 1620)
    200 fps at 3K 2.4:1 (3072 x 1296)
    240 fps at 2K Full Frame (2048 x 1080)
    300 fps at 2K 2.4:1 (2048 x 864)
    23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 47.95, 48, 50, 59.94, 60 fps, all resolutions
    REDCODE SETTINGS  6:1 REDCODE for 8K Full Frame (8192 x 4320) at 24 fps
    7:1 REDCODE for 8K Full Frame (8192 x 4320) at 30 fps
    2:1 REDCODE for 4K Full Frame (4096 x 2160) at 24 fps
    4:1 REDCODE for 4K Full Frame (4096 x 2160) at 60 fps
    8K Full Frame (8192 x 4320), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 14:9, 3:2,
    6:5, 4:1, 8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x, 1.25x
    7K Full Frame (7168 x 3780), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 6:5, 4:1,
    8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x
    6K Full Frame (6144 x 3240), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 3:2, 4:3,
    6:5, 4:1, 8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x, 1.25x
    5K Full Frame (5120 x 2700), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 6:5, 4:1,
    8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x
    4K Full Frame (4096 x 2160), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 3:2, 4:3,
    5:4, 6:5, 4:1, 8:1, 1:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x
    3K Full Frame (3072 x 1620), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 3:2, 4:3,
    5:4, 6:5, 4:1, 8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x
    2K Full Frame (2048 x 1080), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 3:2, 4:3,
    5:4, 6:5, 4:1, 8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x
    APPLE PRORES 422 HQ, 422 and 422 LT at 4K (4096 × 2160) up to 29.97 fps
    4444 XQ and 4444 at 2K (2048 × 1080) up to 120 fps
    422 HQ, 422 and 422 LT at 2K (2048 × 1080) up to 120 fps
    AVID CODECS DNxHR HQX at 4K (4096 × 2160) 12-bit up to 29.97 fps
    DNxHR HQ, SQ and LB at 4K (4096 × 2160) 8-bit up to 29.97 fps
    DNxHR 444 at 2K (2048 × 1080) 12-bit up to 120 fps
    DNxHD 444 and HQX (1920 × 1080) 10-bit up to 120 fps
    DNxHD HQ, SQ and LB (1920 × 1080) 8-bit up to 120 fps
    CONSTRUCTION Aluminum Alloy
    WEIGHT 3.5 lbs (BRAIN with Integrated Media Bay)
    OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
    STORAGE TEMPERATURE –20°C to 50°C (–4°F to 122°F)
    RELATIVE HUMIDITY 0% to 85% non-condensing
    COLOR MANAGEMENT Supports 17×17×17 3D LUTs
    Variable number of 3D LUT outputs with DSMC2 expander module
    User programmable shaper 1D LUTs
    Tetrahedral interpolation, 16-bit processing
    AUDIO Integrated dual channel digital stereo microphones, uncompressed, 24-bit 48 kHz
    Optional 2 additional channels with DSMC2 expander module, uncompressed, 24-bit 48 kHz
    REMOTE CONTROL Integrated REDLINK WiFi antenna
    Ethernet, RS232, and GPI Trigger with DSMC2 expander module
    MONITOR OUTPUTS 3G-SDI (HD-SDI) and HDMI with DSMC2 expander module
    1080p RGB or 4:2:2, 720p RGB or 4:2:2
    480p RGB or 4:2:2 (HDMI Only)
    SMPTE Timecode, HANC Metadata, 24-bit 48 kHz Audio
    MONITOR OPTIONS DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD, DSMC2 RED Touch 7.0" LCD and DSMC2 RED EVF (OLED) with cable-free connection.
    RED Touch 9.0" LCDRED Touch 7.0" LCDREDTouch 5.0" LCDRED PRO 7" LCDBOMB EVF(OLED) and BOMB EVF (LCOS) compatible with DSMC2 LEMO Adaptor A and LCD/EVF cable.
    Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer
    DaVinci Resolve, Edius Pro, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro
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