ARRI - 1-Axis WCU-4 Handunit & Cforce Mini Package - (Rental)

The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 is a sophisticated, feature-rich and user-friendly 3-axis hand unit for wireless remote lens and camera control. ARRI Master Grips combine effective camera stabilization with comprehensive lens and camera control. Lightweight and built to ARRI’s unsurpassed quality standards, the Master Grips are aimed at ALEXA, AMIRA and third-party camera users who want flexible and responsive fingertip control while shooting handheld.
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Customize ARRI - 1-Axis WCU-4 Handunit & Cforce Mini Package - (Rental)
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ARRI - 3-Axis WCU-4 & CForce Follow Focus Package - (Rental)
ARRI - 1-Axis WCU-4 Handunit & Cforce Mini Package - (Rental)

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    Cforce Set for ALEXA Mini, Imperial Scale.

    The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 is a sophisticated, feature-rich and user-friendly 3-axis hand unit for wireless remote lens and camera control. It includes an integrated lens data display and offers extended ALEXA camera control.

    Three Axes - All Inclusive

    The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 combines three axes of lens control with a lens data display in a compact and ergonomic housing. Weighing around 780 grams including battery, it’s one of the lightest hand units in its class, providing unrivaled comfort during a long working day.

    ALEXA Remote Control

    An optional software license will enable you to remote control all ALEXA Plus type cameras, except the ALEXA HD Plus. This includes setting frame rate, shutter angle, exposure index, false color on the monitor output, and more. Extended camera status information is also available, allowing you to quickly check your camera settings at any time.

    Vibrating Markers

    Tactile vibrating feedback lets you keep your eye on the action in the most challenging situations. Operators can concentrate on the scene, knowing that the hand unit will vibrate to prompt them when focus markers are reached.

    Backlit Focus Knob

    The super-smooth focus knob contains an integrated light source that shines through the wide, optionally
    pre-marked focus ring in low light conditions, thus providing clearly readable focus marks at all times.
    The friction of the focus knob can be easily adjusted to one’s personal preference without any tools.

    Easy-to-Read Lens Data Display

    Clearly arranged, easy-to-read lens and camera information is available on the large 3” display, along with 
    data from optional ultrasonic distance measurement devices. The transflective display technology ensures 
    perfect readability in all ambient lighting conditions.

    Pre-Marked Focus Rings

    Lens scales can be mapped to a set of high quality pre-marked focus rings in metric or imperial scale.

    Focus Tracking

    The WCU-4 user button can be configured to activate focus tracking - setting the focus motor to continuously 
    follow a subject by using an ultrasonic distance measurer. Focus tracking works with ARRI's Ultrasonic 
    Distance Measure UDM-1 and ALEXA Plus or Studio cameras or the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4.

    Multiple Mounting Options

    The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 features M4 mounting points on its top and bottom, and the optional 
    WCU-4 Plate (K2.0006501) can attach to either, providing various 1/4-20 UNC and 3/8-16 UNC mounting 
    points itself. When mounted on the bottom, the WCU-4 Plate serves as a table stand or can be used to accept 
    a 3/8-16 UNC spigot for mounting on a C-stand. When mounted on top, it can be used to adapt the WCU-4 
    to an on-board monitoring system. Weighing only 67 g, the WCU-4 Plate is made of durable, aircraft-grade 

    Personalized Settings

    Various parameters of the WCU-4 can be set up to one’s personal preference. These include the display 
    arrangement, vibration patterns and programmable user button, to name just a few. You can save your 
    preferred settings on an SD card, enabling you to immediately personalize any WCU-4, anywhere in the 

    Exceptional Quality and Service

    The WCU-4 is completely splash-proof and embodies the reliability and durability for which ARRI is famous. 
    Wear and tear parts are replaceable at rental level, and the worldwide ARRI Service network ensures rapid 
    second level support if needed. New firmware versions can be installed to the unit via SD card within seconds.


    • Universal Motor Controller UMC-4
    • Single Motor Controller SMC-1
    • ENG Motor Controller EMC-1
    • Active Motor Controller AMC-1
    • ALEXA Mini
    • ALEXA Plus
    • ALEXA Plus 4:3
    • ALEXA XT Plus
    • ALEXA SXT Plus
    • ALEXA Studio
    • ALEXA XT Studio
    • ALEXA SXT Studio
    • ALEXA 65
    • ARRICAM, ARRI 416PLUS, ARRI 435 Extreme equipped with white radio (basic functionality)

    Cforce Mini & Plus Motors

    Small and lightweight, the cforce mini is an intelligent motor that adjusts lens settings on weight-optimized camera configurations with remarkable speed and torque. Equipped with twin LBUS connectors and using daisy chain technology, up to three cforce mini motors can be linked in a row.

    The cforce mini connects directly to the new ALEXA Mini camera (with Titanium PL LDS mount with LBUS connector) providing a super-lightweight, integrated solution. It connects to the new Active Motor Controller AMC-1 as well, making the cforce mini usable with any camera.

    Compatible to:

    • Active Motor Controller AMC-1
    • ALEXA Mini camera
    • K2.72103.0 1x Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4
    • K2.0001652 1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 8 inch for WCU-4
    • K2.72133.0 1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 12 inch for WCU-4
    • K2.72134.0 1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 14 inch for WCU-4
    • K2.72135.0 1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 20 inch for WCU-4
    • K2.72136.0 1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 3'6 for WCU-4
    • K2.72117.0 1x Plain White Focus Ring for WCU-4 or SXU-1
    • K2.0006501 1x WCU-4 Plate
    • K2.0008271 1x WCU-4 Monitor Bracket
    • K2.47851.0 3x NP-FM500H Battery (Sony)
    • K2.0002065 1x BC-QM1 Battery Charger (Sony)
    • K2.0006355 1x cforce mini (Basic Set)
    • K2.0006750 2x Cable LBUS 0.3m/1ft
    • K2.72146.0 1x Carrying Case for WCU-4 and Accessories

    Pre-configured set with Master Grips and accessories, suitable for controlling zoom lenses on 3rd-party cameras.

    The primary function of traditional cine-style handgrips is to firmly stabilize a camera on the operator's shoulder. Documentary camera setups include a servo zoom with the handle, allowing certain lens and camera functions to be controlled. In today's industry, the previously separate worlds of cine and documentary equipment have merged. In addition, small cameras like the ALEXA Mini have a reduced user interface and require external camera controls. This has created demand for solid, cine-style camera handgrips with documentary-style controls.

    In response, ARRI has developed the Master Grips, the latest addition to its ECS (Electronic Control System) range. Combining effective camera stabilization with comprehensive lens and camera control, they are available in four versions: right-side and left-side grips, with either a rocker for super-smooth zooming or a thumb wheel for iris or focus adjustments. Lightweight and built to ARRI's unsurpassed quality standards, the Master Grips are aimed at ALEXA, AMIRA and third-party camera users who want flexible and responsive fingertip control while shooting handheld.


    Well-proven design

    Based on the classic ARRIFLEX handgrips trusted by generations of filmmakers, the Master Grips follow a proven ergonomic design. With controls that are easy to reach and yet protected from accidental triggering, they allow for prolonged handheld operating without any discomfort or strain. Constructed around a lightweight magnesium cast housing, the Master Grips are solid, rugged and reliable -- able to withstand sustained use in harsh shooting environments. 


    Versatile controls

    The Master Grips provide full control of focus, iris and zoom settings on cine lenses, including adjustable motor speed, zoom response and motor limits. They also offer a comfortable way to control the integrated servo motors of ENG and EF lenses (from ALEXA Mini/AMIRA SUP 5.0 -- initially only iris support for EF lenses). Mounted on tripod pan arms or studio pedestal heads, the Master Grips can be used as focus and zoom demands for multi-camera setups, such as when using the AMIRA in Multicam mode. Camera control functionality includes user button access and REC start/stop for ARRI and third-party cameras, with the latter requiring the LCUBE CUB-1 accessory, updated with CUB-1 SUP 2.0.


    Easy to use

    With an intuitive user interface, the Master Grips are easy to set up either via the integrated touchscreen or physical buttons. The controls are fully configurable and a status readout boosts user confidence, with the multilingual display allowing menus and status to be read in English, Chinese, Spanish or German.



    • K2.0009493 1x Master Grip Right Rocker MRR-1
    • K2.0009363 1x Master Grip Left Wheel MLW-1
    • K2.0012911 2x Handgrip Extension 160 mm
    • K2.0012921 2x Cable Clip 15 mm
    • K2.47136.0 1x Extension Tube for Handgrip
    • K2.0008630 1x LCUBE CUB-1
    • K2.0010681 1x LCUBE CUB-2
    • K2.0009620 2x LCUBE Bracket
    • K2.0013040 1x Cable LBUS (angled) to LBUS (angled) 60 cm
    • K2.0012631 1x Cable CUB-1 to F5/55 cameras
    • K2.0012632 1x Cable CUB-1 to RED cameras
    • K2.0012633 1x Cable CUB-1 to LANC
    • K2.0013194 1x Cable CUB-2 to camera Hi12
    • K2.0012965 1x Master Grip Case
    More Information
    Model N/A
    In Depth

    ALEXA Mini Technical Data


      ALEXA Mini
    Camera type 35 mm format film-style digital camera with lightweight and compact carbon body, switchable active sensor area, support for ARRI MVF-1 viewfinder, built-in remote control capabilities via ARRI Electronic Control System and Wi-Fi, support for cforce motors, built-in motorized ND filters, interchangeable lens mounts and ARRI Lens Data System as well as Lens Data Archive.
    Dimensions Length: 185 mm/7.3"
    Width: 125 mm/4.9"
    Height: 140 mm/5.5"
    (camera body with PL lens mount)

    Click here for dimensional drawings
    Weight ~ 2.3 kg/5 lbs (camera body with titanium PL lens mount)
    Sensor 35 mm format ARRI ALEV III CMOS with Bayer pattern color filter array
    Active photo sites
    (with surround view)
    S16 HD: 1600 x 900 (1760 x 980)
    HD: 2880 x 1620 (3168 x 1772)
    2K: 2868 x 1612 (3154 x 1764)
    3.2K: 3200 x 1800 (3424 x 1926)
    4K UHD: 3200 x 1800 (3424 x 1926)
    4:3 2.8K: 2880 x 2160 (3168 x 2160)
    2.39:1 2K Ana.: 2560 x 2145 (3424 x 2202)
    HD Ana.: 1920 x 2160 (3424 x 2202)
    Open Gate 3.4K: 3424 x 2202 (3424 x 2202)
    Shutter Electronic shutter, 5.0° to 356.0°
    Exposure latitude 14+ stops over the entire sensitivity range from EI 160 to EI 3200 as measured with the ARRI Dynamic Range Test Chart (DRTC-1)
    Exposure index EI 800 base sensitivity
    Filters Built-in motorized ND filters 0.6, 1.2, 2.1
    Lens mounts Titanium PL mount with L-Bus connector and LDS
    EF mount
    PL mount with Hirose connector and LDS
    B4 mount with Hirose connector(A)
    Recording media CFast 2.0 memory cards
    Recording formats ProRes:
    S16 HD: 1920 x 1080 (up-sampled from 1600 x 900)
    HD: 1920 x 1080
    2K Cine 16:9: 2048 x 1152
    3.2K: 3200 x 1800
    4K UHD: 3840 x 2160 (up-sampled from 3.2K)
    4:3 2.8K: 2880 x 2160 (padded to 2944 x 2160)

    Anamorphic ProRes formats with 2x in-camera de-squeeze:
    HD Anamorphic: 1920 x 1080*
    2.39:1 2K Anamorphic: 2048 x 858*

    MXF/ARRIRAW (in-camera recording to MXF-wrapped ARRIRAW files):
    2.8K 16:9: 2880 x 1620**
    Open Gate: 3424 x 2202***

    MXF/ARRIRAW Open Gate modes with active image area matching 4:3 ProRes modes:
    4:3 2.8K (OG 3.4K): 2880 x 2160 (Recording in Open Gate 3.4K)***
    2.39:1 Ana. (OG 3.4K): 2560 x 2145 (Recording in Open Gate 3.4K)***
    16:9 HD Ana. (OG 3.4K): 1920 x 2160 (Recording in Open Gate 3.4K)***

    *) requires ALEXA Mini 4:3 License Key,
    **) requires ALEXA Mini ARRIRAW License Key,
    ***) requires both ALEXA Mini 4:3 and ARRIRAW Licenses Keys

    Click here for a drawing with details about the recording areas, surround views and framelines
    Recording codec ProRes 4444XQ, 4444, 422 (HQ), 422, 422(LT), MXF/ARRIRAW
    Recording frame rates 16:9
    ProRes HD 0.75 - 200 fps
    ProRes S16 HD 0.75 - 200 fps
    ProRes 2K 0.75 - 200 fps
    ProRes 3.2K 0.75 - 60 fps
    ProRes UHD 0.75 - 60 fps
    MFX/ARRIRAW 16:9 2.8K 0.75 - 48 fps

    ProRes 4:3 2.8K 0.75 - 50 fps

    ProRes 2:39:1 2K Ana. 0.75 - 120 fps

    ProRes HD Ana. 0.75 - 120 fps

    Open Gate
    MFX/ARRIRAW 3.4K Open Gate 0.75 - 30 fps

    * 4:3 cropped
    ** Center crop from anamorphic
    (1) Minimum frame rate is always 0.75 fps
    (2) The „recording resolution“ determines the number of horizontal pixels that will be recorded (the number of vertical pixels is dependent on the recording file type and sensor mode)

    Click here for a detailed table of frame rates
    Color output Rec 709, custom look or Log C
    Look control Import of custom 3D LUT, ASC CDL parameter (slope, offset, power, saturation)
    Adjustable image parameters Knee, gamma, saturation, black gamma, saturation by hue
    Focus and exposure control Peaking, zebra, false color, waveform
    White balance Manual and auto white balance
    Sound level < 20 dB(A) at standard frame rates
    Environmental '-20° C to +45° C (-4° F to +113° F) @ 95% humidity max, non-condensing splash and dust-proof through sealed electronics
    Viewfinder Multi Viewfinder MVF-1 (OLED and LCD) with flip-out LCD screen and military-grade connector to camera Camera Control Panel (CCP-1) LCD control panel with option to daisy-chain MVF-1
    Control interface Soft buttons and OSD on SDI output, integration of Transvideo Starlite HD5-ARRI touch interface WCU-4 hand-unit with control over operational parameters.
    ARRI lens motor control Built-in white coded radio interface for ARRI lens and camera remote control LBUS motor output for daisy-chainable cforce lens control motors Lens Data Archive
    Wi-Fi remote control Built-in Wi-Fi interface and web-based remote control from phones, tablets and laptops
    Custom control Optional GPIO interface for integration with custom control interfaces
    Power input Lemo 8-pin, 10.5-34 V DC
    Video outputs 2x HD-SDI out 1.5G and 3G: uncompressed HD video with embedded audio and metadata, 6G SDI in UHD and 3.2K recording modes.
    Inputs SDI-Genlock (optional activation through ARRI Service), Timecode (in and output)
    Other interfaces USB 2.0 (for user sets, looks etc.)
    Ethernet for service and web remote control
    EXT accessory interface w. RS pin and unregulated power output (outputs battery voltage)
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