How many hours a week do you use your production equipment?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could make extra cash when you’re not using it? Innocinema is always looking to add cameras and other production equipment to our rental inventory.

  1. What is consignment rental and sales?   Consignment rental is a simple agreement between you and Innocinema that lets us rent your equipment to other people. If you choose, we also can market your gear to be sold at a price you wish. 
  2. How is my equipment marketed?   We able to rent and/or sell your gear if you wish locally in the Atlanta, GA market as well as the entire USA from our automated online shop. Customers are able to browse your gear 24 hours a day 7 days a week online.
  3. How is my equipment insured?   When it is in our possession we insure it. When a client rents it out, they are required to insure it with proof of their insurance before it is picked up, delivered, or shipped.
  4. Can I use my equipment for my own projects?    Of course! If the equipment is not already committed to a rental or related purpose, you can pick it up and return it during normal business hours.
  5. How much money will I make?    You will make a full 50% of the total revenue generated by the rental of your gear. If you want us to market your gear to sell, we charge 10% commission of the price sold. We do all the work and you get a check in the mail after the job is done.
  6. What kind of equipment is acceptable for consignment rental?  Any professional video cameras, particularly 4K and cinema cameras, as well as lenses and accessories are the most popular items.  We also consider broadcast equipment, including switchers, and studio and field audio equipment. We especially open to accept any brand of equipment you see for sale on our site. Everything is chosen on a case by case basis so just let us know what you have and we can decide from there.

Check out our Consignment Rental Agreement, get in touch, and start making money today!