Sachtler - Hand Crank Column OB 2000

Sachtler hand crank column with flat base, Quickfix head fitting

Height adjustments with complex camera configurations are rarely easy. Extending the legs can be very difficult, and at times impossible without help. But with the OB 2000 hand crank column, you will glide to the top! All you have to do is crank your camera to the desired height. The 36 cm / 14.2" lift range extends the maximum height of the OB 2000 to 172 cm / 67.7". The built-in stabilizer of the OB 2000 holds the hand crank column. 

The metal tube, which measures 50 mm / 2" in diameter, ensures that the hand crank column is extremely stable. In addition, all load-bearing parts are reinforced – the hand crank, for example, with glass fibers. A brace which anchors the tripod to the pedestal tower is built into the base of the column guide tube. The OB 2000 hand crank column complies with all safety regulations observed by international TV broadcasters and is compatible with all common flat base heads, as well as the Sachtler Quickfix.

Weight 6 kg / 13.2 lbs
Payload 130 kg / 287 lbs
Lift 36 cm / 14.2 in
Head fitting flat base, Quickfix
Transport length 53 cm / 20.9 in

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Model 6205
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