Sachtler - Tripod System 30 EFP 2 MCF

Sachtler Tripod System 30 EFP 2 MCF Included components: -Cine 30 HD fluid head -EFP 2 CF tripod -Mid-level spreader 100/150 -Rubber feet 100/150

Cine 30 HD fluid head

Sachtler’s fluid head Cine 30 HD features a sideload mechanism for the camera plate. A key advantage of this technology is that the fluid head can be side-loaded together with its camera set-up – quickly and easily. The mechanism is compatible with camera plates from OConnor and ARRI. The operating elements, manufactured according to 2K processes, are especially convenient. If you need a front box for all sorts of utensils or tools, it is simple to mount an adapter which is exceptionally practical for film and HD shooting.

EFP 2 tripod

Carbon fibers are an increasingly popular choice for tripod materials. Our fast-action clamps (as on EFP 2 CF) secure the legs in next to no time, and users can immediately see they are locked in place. Sachtler double extension carbon fiber tripods deliver the best of both worlds – lightweight operation for heavy-duty action. The EFP 2 tripods are two-stage extendable and feature fast-action clamps. In addition to the already familiar ground spreader, an adjustable mid-level spreader for tripods with 150 mm bowls is available. EFP 2 tripods use twin tubes that stretch from the top right down to the bottom, which helps ensure unsurpassed stability.


More Information
Model 3012
In Depth
Payload 35 kg / 77 lbs
Weight 12.2 kg / 26.9 lbs
Height min. 77 cm / 30.3 in
Height max. 173 cm / 68.1 in
Transport length 95 cm / 37.4 in
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