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RED DSMC2 Unified GEMINI, HELIUM 8K, & VV MONSTRO 8K Line Up & Trade In Program

RED Digital Cinema is advancing its product portfolio of high-quality cameras and sensors with a focus on simplicity, price and quality for customers. Beginning today, RED’s camera line-up will be modified to include one DSMC2 camera BRAIN with three sensor options - MONSTRO 8K VV, HELIUM 8K S35, and GEMINI 5K S35. The single DSMC2 camera BRAIN includes high-end frame rates and data rates regardless of the sensor you choose and in addition to this new value, the streamlined approach will result in a price reduction compared to RED’s previous camera line-up.

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Innocinema RED Digital Cinema Authorized Dealer - March 26th Demo Day


We are excited to announce that Innocinema is now a RED Digital Cinema authorized dealer. Come help us celebrate by coming to our showroom to get some hands on demonstration and training for some of RED's newest cameras and accessories. Tickets are only $10 a person! RSVP and purchase your tickets here! We celebrated the arrival of the NEW RED WEAPON® at our Atlanta Film Community November 21st event! It was a fantastic turn out with lots of detailed hands on demonstrations with industry leading Cinema & TV Production gear. Scroll down to see pictures of the event.

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ARRI Alexa Mini Modular Power Hot Swap & Cage Package from ActionProducts

ActionProducts ARRI Alexa Mini Modular Package Introducing the world's best, and fully modular solution, ready to provide you with as little or as much functionality as you need for your ARRI Alexa Mini. Everything from a full cage solution with top, side, and shoulder mount handles, all side cheese plates, top and bottom 15mm lightweight mounts with riser for bridge plates, accessory power distribution (12 & 24 Volt) with internal battery hot swap / block battery input hot swap, and HDMI / HD-SDI distribution both with wireless and extra power enhanced video outs. With the ability to re-use many highly accepted and adopted modules from the ActionProducts RED EPIC Modular Package, (used in countless high budget productions for over 3 years), you can feel confident in its quality and reliability. To simplify, we categorized these modules into four simple "Build Your Own" packages. To customize, all you need to do is select the options you want to add and take away the ones you don't need.

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RED Digital Cinema, Innocinema, ActionProducts, Demo in NEW Atlanta Office & Cine Gear Expo 2015


Innocinema's USA headquarters has officially moved to the Atlanta, GA area and is excited to open its doors for the first time with a demo day featuring some cool gear from RED Digital Cinema, ActionProducts, Schneider Optics, and Bright Tangerine. We also will be attending Cine Gear Expo 2015 at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA USA this year.

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- RED Dragon Preview Reel


Get ready to wear out the pause/play button on this preview video. This is a little tease of collected shots gathered by the RED 6K Dragon sensor over a two day period. Slowly, these sensor upgrades are being pushed out to DPs around the world and surely you may have found a few videos produced with the Dragon but here is fantastic video from Mark Toia on vimeo. Enjoy!

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- ActionProducts releases their adaptor for the RED +1 Module

+1_module_adapter_prephoto_02-2ActionProducts has released their RED Epic +1 Module Adaptor. It allows you to safely mount the ActionProducts modular system using the +1 Module from RED. Shipments will start right after the Easter holidays. The picture shows the final product with the AP Proteus and Top Plate without anodization. It is now in process of getting its black (pearl matte) anodization for shipping!    

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